Sunday, 29 September 2013

Beauty of Samui through the camera lens...

It's been a while since my last post here... Busy, busy life  :-)

I am very happy to be back, although I must admit that these days posting on my blog's Facebook page is more regular and easier to do, so you have a better chance to keep up with Samui's life there.

Anyway, today I feel I want to show something special for you, so I prepared a few great shots of Samui's sunsets and incredible nature, taken by my very good friend Janthima Cha.

Janthima is a local Samui girl who loves the island and her camera, so the final results are very very good, I always enjoy her photos and today I am sharing them with you :-)


  1. Stunning pictures!!!...Saan

  2. Thailand is just an amazing place having granite gemstones, remarkable waterfalls, clear blue water and luminous ponds. All this is must watch. Koh Samui real estate provides the best staying place.

  3. Hi, Elina!

    Lovely photos. Could you please tell me the location of the By Beach Resort, and if you have the contact details, that would be great. We are planning a trip to Koh Samui this June and your help will be much appreciated!



    1. Hi Anya,
      I am sooo sorry I missed tour comment. If it's not too late - By Beach resort is located in Bang Po between The Lotus Terraces villa complex and Coconut Village villa complex. You can see it here -
      Hope you have a great trip!

  4. Stunning pics,KS has krept in our hearts,my family and I spent 6 days there(Feb 2014) just love the islands,beaches is awesome,nightlife great

  5. 1st pic is of grandpa rock(resembles a man's privates) in Lamai. I been to thailand thrice and love the islands.Seen Phuket twice,Phi phi,Coral and KS.....A must see is Raja isl.....Stunning beach.!!! Would love to see more Thai islands,vibe is great most,love,love that country...!!!!!