Sunday, 29 September 2013

Beauty of Samui through the camera lens...

It's been a while since my last post here... Busy, busy life  :-)

I am very happy to be back, although I must admit that these days posting on my blog's Facebook page is more regular and easier to do, so you have a better chance to keep up with Samui's life there.

Anyway, today I feel I want to show something special for you, so I prepared a few great shots of Samui's sunsets and incredible nature, taken by my very good friend Janthima Cha.

Janthima is a local Samui girl who loves the island and her camera, so the final results are very very good, I always enjoy her photos and today I am sharing them with you :-)

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Songkran 2013.

Today Thailand is celebrating the Songkran, which is a Thai New Year! The whole country is having a one big water fight this weekend!!!

The forecast was predicting a rainy day in Samui, and we weren't sure about how the Songkran would go.  But the rain has stopped just in time for celebrations and streets of our island were full of happy and excited people who came out to celebrate this beautiful occasion.  Tourists and locals have united in great water fight and it was bigger than ever!

Unfortunately I wasn't there this year, but my friend Julia Erofeeva took some great pics from the main point of water fight - Chaweng, so you can all have a look and enjoy!

Happy Songkran everyone!!!!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Bophut, Friday Walking street

Another Friday, another walking street in Bophut. People are enjoying the street market in Fisherman's Village, one of the most beautiful villages on Samui.
Tomorrow is the Songkran - Thai New Year, and normally it's a big water fight in Samui ( as everywhere else in Thailand) , but the forecast Windguru shows that it might be raining cats and dogs tomorrow and on Sunday, with waves reaching 2,2 m, so let's wait and see how Songkran will go...

But for now - enjoy the pictures from our lovely village, it's cloudy but no rain at the moment and walking street is in its full force!