Monday, 21 May 2012

Vikasa yoga teacher training 15 April-13 May

Some time ago, in November, I wrote about an opening of a new yoga studio - Vikasa

Today, after being a loyal member of this place from the day one, and after watching daily studio life, I want to share with you one of the most incredible journey, which I have ever witnessed in Samui (pity - couldn't join) - Vikasa first yoga teacher training 15 April - 13 May

For those who didn't read my post before - Vikasa Yoga in Koh Samui, Thailand is a boutique yoga studio and raw food organic restaurant, created by Konstantin Miachin and a team of professionals.

Although this might be hard to believe, this is the only open-air yoga studio in Koh Samui at the moment, located in a beautiful Zen Garden, between Chaweng and Bo Phut, just opposite Makro supermarket on ring road.

Konstantin is an international yoga teacher and founder of Vikasa Yoga studio.  He has been passionately learning, practicing, and teaching Yoga for over six years, and his passion has lead him to search out his own personal development throughout the world, with many different schools and masters all over the world, in places such as Rishi-kesh, Uttar Kashi, Gangotri, Kerala, Goa, Canada, Thailand, Hong Kong and Ukraine to name a few. He has completed teacher trainings in three different disciplines, including Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yoga 23 (by master Andrei Siderski) and Sivananda.

That's what our typical daily class looks like (well, a bit slower than that, but you get the idea :-)

This first Vikasa Yoga Teacher Training at Koh Samui, Thailand welcomed 26 amazing people from all over the world as the students. Like the relaxing pace of the island life style, it went by smooth with teachers and students getting closer with one another. There is a great deal of respect between all of them. There were many nice relationships developing, and also amusing, or provocative interactions amongst them all.

For four weeks they’ve been working really hard on practice, anatomy, and philosophy.
Amongst the students there was a very talented photographer, R2. She was daily documenting and producing an amazing album of group classes and everyone’s Asana, she also took a camera with her while going to the beach at Chaweng Noi for sunrise pranayama and swim.

Here’s some photos from her amazing album, which the studio let me share with you,  and by the way - the next Yoga Alliance Certified 200 Hour Teacher Training in Vikasa studio will be taking place September 16 – October 14, 2012.

 Wasn't it amazing?.......  I think it truly was...

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Buddy Resort Kids Club

I would like to apologise again for not posting more often, but for the past few months I have been terribly busy with work, my baby changing nurseries, also  changing and training my office/shop staff, renovating our house, trying to get back to my yoga routine...basically just too busy...

Plus a week ago we left Samui for our annual European vacation ( well, not much of vacation for me - still working every day, and well - not exactly European, just stuck at the moment in really cold London :-)  Anyway, I have a few things which I wanted to share with you, and now I have a little bit more time, so here you go....

A couple of weeks ago I had a "working mum" moment....  Had to urgently reply to a few clients' emails and deal with some problems, while driving around Lamai with my 3 year old son.  Obviously I couldn't do any work with him being next to me, so I had to look for a quick solution, trying to find a place with WI-FI and babycare.  The solution suddenly came in the shape of a beautiful kids club in Buddy Resort in northern Lamai, and Coffee World cafe with free WI-FI literally next door to it.

I was surprised to see that he didn't even say a word, just went there, said "bye mum" and started to play. So, I was working for about two hours, and then came to pick him up, and he didn't even want to leave. There were 2 other kids there, so they played together.

Of course I didn't have any camera with me, just my crapy mobile phone, so pardon me for the quality of the pictures, but I just wanted to share them with you guys, in case someone needs a day time babycare in Lamai area - this place is just great. For 200 THB/hour they look after your kids, and normally it's not very busy, so kids get really personal attention. The girl who looks after them, is watching them for the whole time, and when they run out of ideas she would just play with them, paint, draw, make some toys, etc...She would take your tel. number in case a kid wants mummy back, but she wouldn't bother you if she can sort out the problem herself.
There is a large sofa inside the club room, sort of a waiting area, in case you want to stay there with your kid, but honestly - do yourself a favour, go across the road to The Spa resort for an amazing lunch or/and massage and have a few minutes to yourself.

So, I was really happy with this place and can highly recommend it to you.

P.S. The resort also has some turtles by the beach, so after the club time you can cross the road, and go and feed the turtles. Your kid would love it!

Here are some pictures (sorry for the quality):