Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Anantara Bophut Spa

This year I had a very special Valentines Day treat -  a visit to a spa in one of my favourite hotels - Anantara in Bophut.

I don't usually have time for a spa, as running my own business means that I never have time for anything but work :-)  But of course there are some days when I feel like slowing down and having a good rest, so that visit to the spa was a gift from Heaven...

The Anantara Spa itself is an absolutely stunning place.  In order to get there, you have to go through tropical alleyways, over small bridges across water ponds, pass many colourful tropical flowers and plants on the way, listen to the wind chimes above your head, and when you have done that journey - you find yourself in a beautiful reception where you are immediately greeted by smiling staff and offered a face towel and a cold drink made of plants and herbs. Pure Bliss!

I was about to have an Anantara Signature massage, so they gave me different kind of oil to choose from and a form to fill.

I dragged my hubby along and asked him to take some pictures, as I wanted to write a post about it, feeling that it would be a bit selfish not to share my experience in Samui's best places with you guys. 
So, he did :-) 

After I filled out the form, my lovely therapist took me to a changing room which was very lovely as well, with many beautiful touches, pieces of art, oriental ornaments and beautiful, looking like rose petals, small stones in the sink.

After I changed, she took me to a treatment room, which was like....WOW! 

Your personal bath with real rose petals...Rain shower, rays of sun shining trough bamboo...Everything was just so beautiful..

First she washed my feet before the treatment...

Then I had a dip in this bath...

and then the treatment started...It was a full body massage plus neck/head/face massage. 

After the treatment I felt so relaxed, I could hardly move and to be honest didn't really want to leave, so the therapist brought me some ginger tea and I went to chill on the couch in a small garden by the pool.

Unfortunately all good things tend to come to an end, so I had to go, but I stopped on the way to relax in the small Sala with a book for another half hour, just couldn't bring myself to leave this stunning and welcoming place :-) 

So, I had an amazing experience there, and would recommend this place in a heartbeat, it's beautiful, it's highly professional, it's very customer-friendly and I couldn't wish for more. Not cheap though, but if you do it once in a while - it is totally worth it! 

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Fairways - kids' favourite spot on Samui

Fairways - place to go with your kids.

I thought I will write another post about "what to do with kids in Samui".  This is the question which I have to answer about 5 times a day to my clients and readers who are coming to Samui with children, so to save myself some time I decided to post it here.

Fairways... We go there nearly weekly as my son is mad about it. He is only 3. 
I see different kids there, from about 1.5 to 8-9 years old...They all love it there and we, parents, love it too :-)  Ok, I am going to expain a bit more about it. 

Fairways is a Soft Play Center, which is located on the airport road, between Arrival and Departure terminals. There are 2 fully air-conditioned floors, size of the area is 3,444 square feet (320 square meters).

There are bouncy castles, bridges, aerial runways, a ball pool, slides and swings – everything the kids need to enjoy freestyle creative play in a safe indoor environment ( ok, I stole this line from their website but I couldn't possibly describe it better :-) 

There is also a great cafe downstairs, which serves amazing coffee and delicious Thai/European food. Our personal favourites there Tuna Baguette for myself, chicken curry for hubby and Thai Fried Rice for my son, he absolutely loves it there. Besides a fresh delicious all-day menu, there is a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and a great selection of freshly brewed coffee. 

They are absolutely packed on weekend days, and pretty quiet during the week as all local kids are in schools, so it allowed them to recently open a very reasonably priced Monday-Friday day nursery there.  

This is amazing news as most of the schools/nurseries in Samui are nearly oversubscribed now in Samui...There are different packages for everyone, prices depend on amount of hours, days, etc... And they nursery rooms look really nice.

Another great thing about them - you can have a party there. It's possible to hire a whole space, or just a part of it. You can order a DJ, food buffet, face painting, games, fireworks,  basically anything.  We attended about 5 birthday parties there already and each one of them was a success. 

For ll the details about this place check out their website http://www.fairwayssamui.com/   and  I am going to post now some more pictures from this great place...

Hope you have enjoyed this virtual tour around this great place, and hopefully see you there at weekend.