Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Weather in Samui

Just wanted to remind you guys, that I am posting daily weather update on my rental website http://samuiconnection.com/weather/ so please follow that site too if you would like to be weather-updated.

Here are a few pictures from the last few days. The weather in Samui has been amazing and just couldn't be better.

I am personally in freezing London at the moment, going back to Samui on 25th of February, so that's why I am not posting much here, my apologies!  But I am still updating http://samuiconnection.com/weather/  daily as I have all the weather information and photos from my hubby and friends back in Samui.

Elina xxxxx


  1. Beautiful photos! Any photos of Chaweng Beach near Al's Huts and Ark Bar? I love the Italian restaurant across the street from the two above landmarks. It's on a little street (sort of an ally) where there's also a good Mexican restaurant. I forgot the names.

  2. You probably mean La Taverna? Great restaurant!

  3. Hi Elina,
    I was thinking of visiting Koh Samui in October from the 8th - 19th. I have done some researched and i have been informed that this is the Rainey season. I was wondering if this just means it usually rains at night? Or should I reconsider different dates?.

    Your help would be very much appreciated!



    1. Hi Jennifer, rainy season starts mid-October, so you might get away with it, but no one can guarantee anything...It's raining in Samui now, but it shouldn't be raining in June...The weather is funny these days...

  4. Nice post ! Koh Samui is a beautiful island and i've been there many times. so fantastic weather of kohsamui.



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