Sunday, 8 January 2012


Hi guys, hope you all had a great New Year celebrations and have fully recovered by now  :-)
Our last and very final ( I hope) celebration was yesterday - Russian X-mas on the beach with many frineds and kids:-)

I always celebrate Christmas two times - on 25th December and on the 7th of January, how good is that!!!

Samui's been having an absolutely fantastic weather for the last few days, sunny, no single drop of rain, the sea is finally quiet and clean and swimming is great again. Beaches are full of happy people.... but don't get too happy  - next week we are gonna have some rain again :-(

My friend Maria Ambrosova  has captured this beautiful sunrise this early morning in Maenam beach:

We went this morning to Bophut , which was equally beautiful..

Here are some pictures from the last few days :

A couple of days ago we had a great evening on Bophut beach in a restaurant of a small resort called  "Free House Bungalow" .
I love the food and atmosphere there, and the view to Koh Phangan is so peaceful and beautiful...They have a very extensive menu with a large vegetarian section as well, plus amazing home-made pizzas.

Jake really enjoyed his simple food - chicken and french fries :-) He is not a fan of Thai curries yet :-) 


  1. Hi elina!

    I wonder if you might have any god advice on which beach that is the best if you plan to go to samui in august? Which has the clearest water? We visited samui last year in june, and didnt really find any (of the bigger beaches on the east side) beach with clear water. So can you recommend any?

    and it would be great if this beach has alot of buget hotels nearby aswell :P

    1. Hi Terese,

      The water in Samui is generally not extremely clear, but the best spots would probably be Silver beach ( might be shallow in August but has great budget hotel Promtsuk Buri and Thongtakian resort on the beach), then south of Chaweng, also Choengmon. By the way - Koh Phangan beaches have much clearer water than Samui.

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