Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Samui 17-18 January 2012

Hi, everyone, this is a quick update for you.  The weather in Samui has been amazing for the last few days and I have finally told myself to stop working for a couple of hours and go to the beach :-)

I guess we are so tired of the funny weather we had for the last 2 months - the sea was so rough and dirty that it wasn't possible to swim, the sky wasn't really blue, and it was raining quite often. Basically it was pretty depressing and my mum has left Samui after 1 month non-swimming holiday :-)

Anyway, now it looks like it's all settled, and nice sunny weather and blue sky are here to stay :-)

Beaches are full of happy people, beach restaurants and watersports are back in business, and everyone is happy. Except working people like me :-) It is easier to work when you know that there is nothing else to do :-) When the weather is great - we just want to have a permanent siesta and forget the work :-) I wish.......

So, here is a few pictures for you from yesterday and today, and the colour of the day is blue :-)