Friday, 27 January 2012

Magic Garden

A few days ago we took our friends to Samui's Magic Garden. I've been there  before, but a very long time ago, so I decided to refresh my memories :-)

The "Magic Garden" or "Secret Buddha Garden" is located in the hills of Samui.  This a stunning collection of beautifully handcrafted statues, made by a local fruit farmer,  Khun Nim Thongsuk, who started to build the garden in 1976 when he was 77 years old.  Amazing job he's done!  

You will also see a statue of Khun Nim himself - here he is, sitting peacefully and watching us exploring his beautiful creation. 

There are two main roads leading to the garden, they both are shown on the Samui maps: The old road is coming from Nathon, it is a "military road", but for some reason most of the people trying to use exactly this road before realising that this road is now closed for traffic. 

The new road and the only one which you need to take, is originating across the road from the temple called Wat Kunaram on the south of the island.  Here in Wat Kunaram you will find another Samui's attraction - mummified monk. Also worth looking at. Wat Kunaram is shown on every Samui's map and it's easy to find, it's located right on the main ring road near Namuang Waterfalls. 

The entrance fee to the Garden is 80 THB.

There are many nice restaurants and view points along the way and I strongly recommend you to stop at some of them and have a drink/lunch and don't forget to take a camera with you on this trip, as you will have a chance to take many amazing scenic pictures along the way and inside the Garden. 

P.S. If I could give you just one tip, I would recommend you to combine Magic Garden with a trip to Samui Paradise Farm Park, which is amazing animals and birds sanctuary, located on the same road as Magic Garden, only a bit higher up in the hills. This is a great place to visit, one of Samui's best kept secrets, fantastic trip especially for families with kids, you will love it. 

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Chinese New Year, Maenam, 23 January 2012

Yesterday Samui had one of its major events - Chinese New Year’s Eve celebration. There are plenty of Chinese origin's Thais living on Samui, so CNY is a pretty major event here, on the island.

We went to the main village of Maenam as Chinese New Year has been celebrated there for a quite a few years now and had proved very successful.
Nathon is also having celebrations, but since we live in Maenam, it's just much more convenient for us.

Chinese temple at Maenam is Samui’s focal point for Chinese New Year celebrations with lion dancing, drums, acrobatic performers and endless crackers going off.

I heard that lots of people came there very early to get the best places to watch the performance, but we came about 7 pm, and the square in front of the temple was totally packed already,  with performance going on.

A Chinese street celebration always has a traditional Lion Dance which is supposed to bring good luck, but we came a bit late and missed that part. But the most disappointing thing for me was empty battery in my hubby's camera, so as a result the whole event had to be filmed on our mobile phones.  (Sorry!)

Maenam was busy. Very busy. This year is a bit crazy anyway, I have never seen so many tourists in Samui in the last 5 years. So, Maenam was packed with tourists, locals, street vendors, food sellers, children, name them...

Red lanterns were everywhere welcoming good luck, wisdom and long life. There was a huge choice of local Thai and Chinese food on sale at the endless stalls on the streets.  There were plenty of places selling famous cheap Mojito cocktails, the most busy one was on the beach, just outside of Cafe Talay where we finally parked ourselves for a Chinese NY  Thai dinner :-)   ...... Sounds ridiculous, I know :-)

Sunday, 22 January 2012


From now on I am going to post daily weather information on my website  due to many requests from my clients who book accommodation with us. So, if you want to be weather-updated - please follow that site too.

This site (  will be used mostly for general information about the island, places to go, things to do, although I am planning to gradually transfer all the information to   as it's very time consuming to maintain 2 websites.  Hope you understand, thanks a lot.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Samui 17-18 January 2012

Hi, everyone, this is a quick update for you.  The weather in Samui has been amazing for the last few days and I have finally told myself to stop working for a couple of hours and go to the beach :-)

I guess we are so tired of the funny weather we had for the last 2 months - the sea was so rough and dirty that it wasn't possible to swim, the sky wasn't really blue, and it was raining quite often. Basically it was pretty depressing and my mum has left Samui after 1 month non-swimming holiday :-)

Anyway, now it looks like it's all settled, and nice sunny weather and blue sky are here to stay :-)

Beaches are full of happy people, beach restaurants and watersports are back in business, and everyone is happy. Except working people like me :-) It is easier to work when you know that there is nothing else to do :-) When the weather is great - we just want to have a permanent siesta and forget the work :-) I wish.......

So, here is a few pictures for you from yesterday and today, and the colour of the day is blue :-)

Sunday, 8 January 2012


Hi guys, hope you all had a great New Year celebrations and have fully recovered by now  :-)
Our last and very final ( I hope) celebration was yesterday - Russian X-mas on the beach with many frineds and kids:-)

I always celebrate Christmas two times - on 25th December and on the 7th of January, how good is that!!!

Samui's been having an absolutely fantastic weather for the last few days, sunny, no single drop of rain, the sea is finally quiet and clean and swimming is great again. Beaches are full of happy people.... but don't get too happy  - next week we are gonna have some rain again :-(

My friend Maria Ambrosova  has captured this beautiful sunrise this early morning in Maenam beach:

We went this morning to Bophut , which was equally beautiful..

Here are some pictures from the last few days :

A couple of days ago we had a great evening on Bophut beach in a restaurant of a small resort called  "Free House Bungalow" .
I love the food and atmosphere there, and the view to Koh Phangan is so peaceful and beautiful...They have a very extensive menu with a large vegetarian section as well, plus amazing home-made pizzas.

Jake really enjoyed his simple food - chicken and french fries :-) He is not a fan of Thai curries yet :-) 

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy NY!!!

Samui had a fantastic night of NY celebrations. We went to Nikki Beach to dance the night away with all our Samui's friends, and had an amazing time there.  Expected rain didn't happen, the weather was perfect, and it just couldn't be better.

Here are a couple of pictures of the celebration - from Nikki beach ( by David Sambor)  and the perfect view of Chaweng bay ( by Janthima Cha)