Monday, 19 December 2011

Weather and X-mas.

I've just got back from a few days shopping trip to Bangkok , bought lots of lovely stuff for our shop and beautiful X-mas presents for the family. Bangkok has no signs of last month' flood, everything is perfect and busy, as usual, now it is all about Christmas, ......X-mas trees and lights  are everywhere.

I stayed in a new Novotel opened on the top of Platinum shopping mall in Pratunam area, this is the lights just outside of the hotel. They also opened a lovely coffee shop downstairs, which was really handy for a short break between shopping :-)

This is where I regretted that my baby Jake is not with me :-) He would have loved this tree :-) 

X-mas tree in Central World Plaza - huge and beautiful! 

One of the trees in my hotel

You could become a teddy bear for a second if you wanted :-)  Free head :-)  A bit big though :-) 

Another pleasant surprise - a beautiful ice-rink in Central World Plaza. So, if you fancy some ice-skating, come here, it seems to be very popular, lots of people were here, kids and adults. 
I haven't checked the prices, but I assume it's much much cheaper than in UK ( or anywhere else except the countries which are blessed with real wintertime outdoor ice-rinks ) 

So, now I am back in Samui, the weather is quite decent, didn't rain today at all, but the sea is still a bit rough, good for surfing, bad for swimming...

There was some sunshine during the day, some cloudy periods, but overall it was a very good day. 
Wish we could go swimming though :-(    Some people said they managed to swim in North Chaweng as it is protected by a reef ( near Amari Watergate). Normally it's a downside of this resort as the sea is too shallow, but these days it's actually a very big advantage, as the reef decreases the waves a lot. 

I saved the pictures of a blue sky for the end of this long and a bit messy story, but hope it did make some sense overall :-) 


  1. Great story... love the pictures of the Christmas trees....always wondered how much they celebrated Christmas over there :) I like what I see... Koh Samui is looking very inviting indeed... No snow yet in Minnesota :( I need a white Christmas to get into the spirit. Merry Christmas to you and yours and thank you so much for all you do....