Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Weather 28 December 2011.

Samui is having a nice weather for a second day in a row..
Yesterday we finally saw the sun, and today is also still up there :-)

I popped in to Choengmon Beach, it's been absolutely packed with tourists from the early morning. Swimming is not really nice, due to lots of litter, seaweed, pieces of wood, plastic, etc... floating around in water. Some people are have already been swimming there, but I personally wouldn't bother until the sea is clean again.

Waves are still there, smaller than a few days before, it's definitely improving. But if we believe the Windguru forecast - there will be a second wave of stormy weather - from 30th of Dec to 2nd of January. Then after that the forecast looks like the weather will get better for longer periods, and become more stable ( in a good way).

Miss the beach :-(  My mum is going crazy here, she's been here for 20 days already and haven't been swimming once... not even sunbathing on the beach...what a holiday :-(  

Here are a few pictures taken by me and the last one by Jussi Hirvonen, all from Choengmon.


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