Monday, 26 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope you are having a lovely X-mas day with your friends and family, opening the presents from Santa, watching Christmas old movies and consuming lots of yummy turkeys, mince pies, X-mas puddings and wine at the same time :-)

Samui is celebrating X-mas big time despite a bit funny weather... Yesterday we had rain for half day, and I was worried that my BBQ X-mas eve party won't happen...Then rain stopped suddenly, and the rest of the day was really good, so we managed to have a great party in our garden,  had really nice X-mas Eve.

Today the weather has been a bit depressing, with huge waves ( hubby spent his X-mas surfing in Chaweng all day), grey sky, but not much rain,  just occasional drizzle here and there in the morning...
Sea is still looking terrible, I feel very sorry for the tourists, my mum is here and she can't stop complaining that she hasn't been swimming even once in the last 20 days, forget it...

This morning Choengmon beach for example looked like that: ( picture by Jussi Hirvonen)

So, thanks God we have a places like Nikki beach, which never fails, so lots of people flocked there today for X-mas lunch, which was real fun. 
I wasn't there but some of my friends went and had a great time there with Santa, live performances, dancers, DJs, etc....The place was packed!  
Here are a few pictures taken by my friend David Sambor and a couple borrowed from the Nikki Beach Facebook page:

And tomorrow is another amazing brunch - for those who didn't make it today! Or Tour De Med (very yummy Mediterranian Buffet) on Wednesday - it's great to have a few options right now, as there is not much to do here when the weather is not nice...