Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year 2012!!!

On the last day of this year, I would like to thank all my friends and readers for their support and interest to my blog! It is very appreciated!  Thank you guys and my best wishes to all of you in the new year 2012. Be happy!!!  

В последний день этого года, я хотела бы поблагодарить всех моих друзей и читателей за поддержку и внимание! Спасибо вам за то что вы есть, и мои самые лучшие новогодние пожелания всем вам. Будьте счастливы!

Elina (Элина) .

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Weather 28 December 2011.

Samui is having a nice weather for a second day in a row..
Yesterday we finally saw the sun, and today is also still up there :-)

I popped in to Choengmon Beach, it's been absolutely packed with tourists from the early morning. Swimming is not really nice, due to lots of litter, seaweed, pieces of wood, plastic, etc... floating around in water. Some people are have already been swimming there, but I personally wouldn't bother until the sea is clean again.

Waves are still there, smaller than a few days before, it's definitely improving. But if we believe the Windguru forecast - there will be a second wave of stormy weather - from 30th of Dec to 2nd of January. Then after that the forecast looks like the weather will get better for longer periods, and become more stable ( in a good way).

Miss the beach :-(  My mum is going crazy here, she's been here for 20 days already and haven't been swimming once... not even sunbathing on the beach...what a holiday :-(  

Here are a few pictures taken by me and the last one by Jussi Hirvonen, all from Choengmon.

Monday, 26 December 2011

What to do with kids in this weather.....

I thought I will put it up here, as the weather is not good for the beach, but ok for other activities, this ad is especially useful for those who came here with kids and now running out of ideas what to do with them.
Join Gabbi and Kiki - two Australian swim teachers for fun days in the pool. They are excellent, locals love them.

Need some time to yourself between Christmas and New Year?

Want the kids to have fun, safe and supervised physical activity 


Come to Kids Fun Days in the pool!!

Supervised play and organized games by Samui Swim School!

You’re welcome to drop the children off
or stay and enjoy the restaurant, relax in the Jacuzzi, or join in the fun!
Location: "Joy Residence" in Chaweng, ( pass PTT petrol station in Chaweng on the main road, turn left after PTT but before you reach Bangkok Hospital, after you turn left - you will see 4 storey building on the left - go to the pool) 


(Christmas Day)
Monday 26th(Boxing Day)

Wednesday 28th



31st (New Year’s Eve)
1st (New Year’s Day)

Any time from 10am until 12 Midday

Weekdays (not public holidays)

for all ages 3 and above

Come for fun, fitness and friends!
 Kiki the Mermaid from Australia will be offering games like Pirate Treasure Hunt, group activities and games.

Please email or telephone 08141 65805 - Gabby 

Between 10am and 12 Midday
250 baht per child per day
*Includes pool fee

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope you are having a lovely X-mas day with your friends and family, opening the presents from Santa, watching Christmas old movies and consuming lots of yummy turkeys, mince pies, X-mas puddings and wine at the same time :-)

Samui is celebrating X-mas big time despite a bit funny weather... Yesterday we had rain for half day, and I was worried that my BBQ X-mas eve party won't happen...Then rain stopped suddenly, and the rest of the day was really good, so we managed to have a great party in our garden,  had really nice X-mas Eve.

Today the weather has been a bit depressing, with huge waves ( hubby spent his X-mas surfing in Chaweng all day), grey sky, but not much rain,  just occasional drizzle here and there in the morning...
Sea is still looking terrible, I feel very sorry for the tourists, my mum is here and she can't stop complaining that she hasn't been swimming even once in the last 20 days, forget it...

This morning Choengmon beach for example looked like that: ( picture by Jussi Hirvonen)

So, thanks God we have a places like Nikki beach, which never fails, so lots of people flocked there today for X-mas lunch, which was real fun. 
I wasn't there but some of my friends went and had a great time there with Santa, live performances, dancers, DJs, etc....The place was packed!  
Here are a few pictures taken by my friend David Sambor and a couple borrowed from the Nikki Beach Facebook page:

And tomorrow is another amazing brunch - for those who didn't make it today! Or Tour De Med (very yummy Mediterranian Buffet) on Wednesday - it's great to have a few options right now, as there is not much to do here when the weather is not nice...

Friday, 23 December 2011

22 December 2011

Quick update ( sorry, way too busy, our busiest time here now) :

The weather today was quite windy with occasional drizzle throughout the day.
Swimming is still not an option in many areas due to the big waves.

My friend Igor Stetsenko took a very nice picture of Samrong beach,  you can see Six Sense Resort on the background.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Weather and X-mas.

I've just got back from a few days shopping trip to Bangkok , bought lots of lovely stuff for our shop and beautiful X-mas presents for the family. Bangkok has no signs of last month' flood, everything is perfect and busy, as usual, now it is all about Christmas, ......X-mas trees and lights  are everywhere.

I stayed in a new Novotel opened on the top of Platinum shopping mall in Pratunam area, this is the lights just outside of the hotel. They also opened a lovely coffee shop downstairs, which was really handy for a short break between shopping :-)

This is where I regretted that my baby Jake is not with me :-) He would have loved this tree :-) 

X-mas tree in Central World Plaza - huge and beautiful! 

One of the trees in my hotel

You could become a teddy bear for a second if you wanted :-)  Free head :-)  A bit big though :-) 

Another pleasant surprise - a beautiful ice-rink in Central World Plaza. So, if you fancy some ice-skating, come here, it seems to be very popular, lots of people were here, kids and adults. 
I haven't checked the prices, but I assume it's much much cheaper than in UK ( or anywhere else except the countries which are blessed with real wintertime outdoor ice-rinks ) 

So, now I am back in Samui, the weather is quite decent, didn't rain today at all, but the sea is still a bit rough, good for surfing, bad for swimming...

There was some sunshine during the day, some cloudy periods, but overall it was a very good day. 
Wish we could go swimming though :-(    Some people said they managed to swim in North Chaweng as it is protected by a reef ( near Amari Watergate). Normally it's a downside of this resort as the sea is too shallow, but these days it's actually a very big advantage, as the reef decreases the waves a lot. 

I saved the pictures of a blue sky for the end of this long and a bit messy story, but hope it did make some sense overall :-) 

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

13th December 2011

Just a quick update.... the weather is still pretty good, we didn't have any rain today, the sky was cloudy in the morning, then became clearer in the afternoon.

Tomorrow is supposed to be lovely and we are considering taking my mum for a Mediterranian brunch in the Nikki Beach ( I wrote about it a while ago - )

Meantime Winguru forecast is predicting quite a big rain for Thursday and I am a bit worried as I am flying to Kuala Lumpur on that day, hope there won't be any storm in Samui, otherwise my flight may not happen :-)

Anyway, couple of pictures from today:

And now I want to show you something - this beauty (rather 1,5 m long beast)  was trying to get inside my house today...... thanks, God, I had a chance to quickly run and close the doors...But her image will haunt me tonight in my dreams for sure...

Have no clue what kind of snake it was, actually it was my first encounter with snake so close, but I have to admit - it was pretty scary....It's gone after my hubby was trying to chase it in the garden, and hopefully it won't be back for a while....Anyway, it's a tropical island after all...Our home and their home too :-) 

Sunday, 11 December 2011


The weather is very windy today in Samui.  All north side beaches, also Choengmon  ( I haven't seen the other ones) have big waves and swimming is impossible. The sky is grey, we had some rain early morning, but it's stopped quickly.

One of my clients have just called me  - a part of the tree has fallen on the roof of their rented car...So, please be careful and try not to park under the trees, especially coconut palms.

Here are some pictures of Bophut and Choengmon taken by Jussi Hirvonen:

Bophut beach

Choeng Mon beach

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

7 December 2011

Another beautiful sunny day in Samui - sorry for extremely short post, but really - nothing to add :-)

Pictures say it all :-)  Courtesy of Yaniv Nagar, who is taking them from the beach of his The Pier resort...

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Weather December 6th 2011

And one more post today - just a  quick weather update.

Today was a lovely sunny day, beautiful blue sky and no rain. It did rained yesterday a bit though... Occasional rain is really good for the plants and trees to stay green and I didn't need to water my garden :-)

We may have some rain over the weekend, but who knows - maybe forecast will change as it did a few times already... Fingers crossed :-)

Picture of today - kindly provided by my friend Janthima Cha:

Salsa evening on 8th December

For all the Salsa lovers - on the 8th of December from 19:00 until 22:00 our local wonderful Salsa teacher Leetha will hold a Salsa evening in Easy Bar in Bangrak, not far from Big Buddha.

Come and meet fellow students, practice new moves, have a drink or some food and enjoy the Tropical rhythms of Latin music.
There will be a free dance lesson for beginners and a line dance for those who would like to try more advanced moves.
Welcome to bring any friends for a fun night out.

To get to Easy bar, coming from Bophut, go past Big Buddha, turn the sharp corner and you will find the bar before Tong Sai Road next to the Family Mart. A 7-11 is opposite this road as well so it cannot miss.
Please feel free to call Leetha for more information or directions: 08-36330365.

Leetha is really good dancer and a teacher, she is teaching Salsa weekly in Big C (Thai dancing Studio near Starbucks), here is the timetable for those who is interested:

Every Saturday

Salsa Dance Class Improvers
Time: 14.00 – 15.00

Salsa Dance Class Beginners
Time: 15.30 – 16.30

And here are some pictures from her past events: