Tuesday, 29 November 2011


In the last few days Samui had very mixed weather - wind, storm, rain, sun, all sorts of things...

We went from this:

To this: ( both pics are taken on the same spot - by the pier in Fishermans Village)

Now it looks like everything is settled again, so sun is shining , the waves are gone, and  the surf has finished :-)

My husband has made a short video of surfing in Chaweng with friends a few days ago, I thought I will post it here, because I know that some of my readers like to know about this....

So, Samui is back to the glorious sunshine, very hot, very sunny, everything is fine, we still have no idea whether we are going to have any big rain here or not, but at the moment the weather is perfect!!!  The air was very clear today, so we had an excellent view to Koh Phangan.


  1. Hi,

    I am heading over to Samui in a few days times and stumbled upon your blog while researching...

    Gr8 to see from your glorious pics that the weather has been holding up lately! Thanks!


  2. Hey Elina, starting for Samui tomorrow. nice blog. Biggest relief is with respect to weather. Thanks! Also is there a way to get in touch with you for any assistance in Samui?


  3. Thank you both! Yes, sure, of course you can contact me, just drop me email to samuiconnection@gmail.com