Wednesday, 23 November 2011

23 November 2011

Just a quick update about the weather...  sorry for not posting more often, just not much happening here at the moment, and also life of an travel agent is a bit mad before peak season :-(   Have to answer more than 100 emails a day...

Anyway, back to the weather  - all forecasts were predicting a week of big rain, wind, storm, etc... in the end we had about 2 days of rain, not even big rain... that was it :-)
 Now all good again, a bit cloudy, a bit windy, and pretty big waves in Chaweng... Wind direction is from East...

My husband goes surfing every day of this week, in afternoon. Surf's been pretty good here for the last 2 days, but tomorrow is supposed to be THE BEST... Big swell is coming. Surfers - get your boards ready!!! Wondering if I am gonna see my hubby tomorrow at all ... Probably not  :-)

Today went to Coral Cove area, to take pictures of one villa, so while he was photographing the villa, I was taking pics of the seaview and some other stuff on my mobile to show you, so here you are:

And a few local yummies which grow here around us, organic and free :-)