Thursday, 3 November 2011

03 November 2011

Hi guys, this is a quick Samui update for you:

The weather is amazing, very sunny, very hot, I cannot believe this is November we are talking about, every day is beautiful sunshine and no rain in sight.

The shops have water restocked, saw many bottles in Big C today, and there is no problem with food supply.

I was this morning in some bungalow resort in Maenam and took a couple of pics with my phone, just to show you how gorgeous Samui is now...

And can you see these two lucky people staying in this beachfront bungalow and doing morning yoga in the sala? I was soooo jealous, I would have joined them if I had any slight chance :-)

I really apologise for very short reports, but coming close to the peak X-mas/NY season, I am extremely busy with enquiries and bookings, and have to answer very many emails every day, and hardly have any time to do anything else... So, I will try to do my best and keep posting, but please don't get disappointed  if you don't see my updates for a few days ( unless something major happens here) ......


  1. Hi Elina

    My husband & I will be visiting Samui in second week of December. We will be staying at the Renaissance resort & spa hotel. Would it be possible to catch a taxi from airport to hotel and roughly how much will it cost ? The hotel charges a crazy high rate for transfer..

    We are also looking at deep sea fishing.. Is there any company that you can recommend ?

    Thank you and Blessings
    You can email me at