Thursday, 20 October 2011

Sunny again :-)

Yesterday, after some pretty heavy rain in a morning, the sky has totally cleared up and the rest of the day was actually excellent!  We went to Choengmon beach after collecting our son from nursery, and stayed there till late...I asked my husband to take a few pictures to show you.

The only thing which has changed - the sea. Just a day before it was very quiet, and last night there were waves, quite big waves earlier in the morning and afternoon, and then they kind of died down by the evening....The wind has changed...It comes from the east now, so Choengmon, Chaweng and Lamai may have waves...Anyway, have a look:

This morning ( 20 October)  we've woken up to a cloudy sky, which cleared out by 11 am...

Now the weather is perfect again :-)  Hope it stays this way!!!!


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