Sunday, 9 October 2011

Coco Splash Samui Waterpark

A couple of days ago we wanted to go somewhere with our son, some nice place he would really enjoy, and after short deliberation we decided to Samui Waterpark.  It's been open for a few months now, but as we spent the whole summer in Uk, we never got the chance to visit the park until now.  

We came quite late, about 3 pm, as our kids had to have their daytime nap, but I am actually glad we came at this time as we couldn't get them out of there by the time park was closing at 5.30pm. They had am amazing time there as they have never experienced anything like this before and were really excited to try all the glides.  
There weren't too many kids at that time in a park, maybe around 7-10 all together, as it was a weekday, not weekend, so most of the kids were in schools. Weekends must be much more crowded I guess. 

The park is set up and run by a really nice French couple. We got talking to them and they seem to be very passionate about what they are doing for the kids. 
I wish we had more people in Samui like them, as places/playgrounds for kids is something what Samui is missing big big time. All we have here is kids areas in Tescos and Big C, all time favourite Samui Paradise Farm Park, and now this great waterpark. 
Anyway, it could be worse , I guess :-)  I believe Samui will have more places like that, it just needs some time. 

Although the park is not very big, only 3 glides and a couple of pools, for small kids it must be big enough, especially looking at the enjoyment written all over their faces! 

There is a few areas with benches and tables for non-swimmers: child-minders and parents who don't want to get wet, but still like to be in the park. They are not being charged entrance fees. 

A few of my friends had their children Birthday Parties here, and it was also a great success they told me. So, we may try it for Jake's next birthday instead of celebrating on the beach or in some resort. 

Entrance fee is 200THB for the day for swimmers/players and free for non swimmers. You can get a membership card for 350THB and pay for each visit only 100THB, however the membership card is only valid for 6 months and I'm not sure we can come here very often as we live and work in Bophut and hardly take day off, especially now with peak season approaching very quickly.

Food and drinks are also available at the park, my friend had a great Tom Yum soup and we all had a few fruit smoothies which were really good.

Overall it was a great trip, we will definitely come again and I strongly recommend this place for the people with kids, doesn't matter whether you are a tourist or local, come for a few hours and you and your kids will have a great time! 

You can easily find the map with directions, more fun photos and all information you need on the Waterpark's website  

Now some pictures from our visit: