Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Beautiful weather

Samui is having absolutely great weather at the moment. Today was an amazing sunny day, very unusual for this time of the year. After some rain on Saturday,  we had two beautiful days on Sunday and today (25 October) . Every day we are waiting for rain and flood, and we are waking up to the sun!

Here are a few great Samui shots captured by my hubby Dmitri Terletski   in the last 2 days, hope you enjoy it.

Hope it stays this way as long as possible, but meantime we are still preparing for the rainy season and possible food shortage, as quite a few types of food have already disappeared from the shelves in our supermarkets due to the flood on the mainland, flooded factories and impossible deliveries.

Here are a few today's shots from Tesco Lotus:
( I heard that the same is happening in Phuket and other areas, even totally unaffected by flooding - it's a disaster of a whole country)

Two things which I really need and which are nearly gone - are good kids' nappies and pets (cats in my case) food. So, I actually would advise tourists with babies bring some kind of a nappies supply. We may not have them here at all by the time you arrive :-(


  1. Elina, we are monitoring the flood conditions and our condolences go out to the victims. Last year the floods affected Koh Samui until the 3rd week of November and when we arrived there in the 1st week of December, there was no trace of any floods! Testimony that the Thais are geared for tourism..Saan

  2. Yes, agree, Thais cope really well with situations like these...We are having rain this morning, hopefully it won't be for too long, but it looks like a really grey rainy day ahead...

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