Friday, 28 October 2011

28 October 2011

Beautiful, beautiful day! Lots of sun, blue sky, no waves, excellent weather!

There is NO flood on Samui, there is nice sunshine, everything is good, food is still here, small water bottles and also our local water from Samui Deep Well is also here in abundance ( but bottled water in bigger bottles is nearly sold out), so basically Samui is one of the best areas to visit right now, I guess :-)

They may shoot sequel of "Avatar" here :-) The trees are amazing...


  1. Hello Elina, thank you for your timely updates and wonderful pictures. I am truly grateful for your reporting as it is so difficult to find someone online, who is not there just to squeeze money while serving you a thousand ads.

    Your blog is great, and after researching a lot, it is so far the best on Koh Samui.

    I am planning to come back soon, as I feel Samui is my second home... I will certainly be back before buying my tickets to check with you and listen to your advice.

    Thank a million Elina!

  2. Thank you! :-) Keep reading, if anything happens in Samui I will put it here asap...At the moment nice weather and everything is perfect...