Thursday, 25 August 2011


25 August 2011

Samui keeps having a strange weather - sunny days, raining later, this morning was rather beautiful: 

(picture taken by my friend Janthima Cha)

It's all gone down the hill later and rain has started in the evening, but I have no pictures of it :-(

Never mind, we are still doing so much better than poor Phuket which is experiencing a disaster flood at the moment, but to be fair it's rainy season there, so everything is possible...Just hoping it's not going to spread to Samui, we had enough of it in April...

And for yoga lovers - one of our local yoga teachers Serge is giving classes on the beach near Amari resort in Chaweng, people are welcome, it's not hard core classes and I recommend you to try, yoga on the beach is beautiful and soooo good for your mental and physical health!