Thursday, 25 August 2011


25 August 2011

Samui keeps having a strange weather - sunny days, raining later, this morning was rather beautiful: 

(picture taken by my friend Janthima Cha)

It's all gone down the hill later and rain has started in the evening, but I have no pictures of it :-(

Never mind, we are still doing so much better than poor Phuket which is experiencing a disaster flood at the moment, but to be fair it's rainy season there, so everything is possible...Just hoping it's not going to spread to Samui, we had enough of it in April...

And for yoga lovers - one of our local yoga teachers Serge is giving classes on the beach near Amari resort in Chaweng, people are welcome, it's not hard core classes and I recommend you to try, yoga on the beach is beautiful and soooo good for your mental and physical health! 


Chaweng beach

For all Chaweng lovers - today I am posting a few pictures of Chaweng beach taken in the last couple of days. 

As you probably already know, Chaweng is a main Samui's beach, the main tourist destination. 
It's not everyone's cup of tea, some people love it, some - hate, but we all have to agree that the beach in Chaweng is one of the best, especially South Chaweng. 

Beach in South Chaweng has got nice powdery sand and pretty clear water, and it's not as crowded as middle part of Chaweng beach, so in my opinion south is the best. 
North Chaweng is pretty cool too,  there are a few good resorts and restaurants located there, but there is a reef in the sea, which makes swimming there not as great as in the other parts. 
Middle Chaweng is the busiest place of all three, and if you are young, adventurous, like to party and want to meet new friends, then head to Ark Bar during the day or to Soi Green Mango at night, and you will probably love it. 

Ok, here are some pics: 

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Places to go

22.08.2011,  Bophut 

From all the places in Samui, the one which I miss the most is Fishermans Village in Bophut.

This is the place where I start my day with a cup of coffee in Karma Sutra, this is the place where I work during the day, this is the place where I eat in the evening with my family and friends and this is the beach which I love the most ( not for swimming though  - for the views).

Fisherman's Village is a very nice place and has got a very special vibe, whether you visit it in the morning when the village is slowly waking up, or in the evening for a romantic meal on the beach or on Friday for Walking Street market.  Come anytime - you won't be disappointed. Just remember that this place is not about the quality of sand on the beach,  but about atmosphere, good food, good shopping, friendly people and beautiful views. 
Most of the lovely guesthouses in the village are located right on the beach and have amazing views to Phangan, these views you won't get anywhere else in Samui... And moored boats make it all very scenic and picturesque. 

I will write more about it when I get back, but today I asked my assistant Golf to take a few pics of Bophut beach and send them to me while I am still in London, so she did. I just want to share them here with you. 

Anantara resort's sunbeds on the left

Boats of Bophut...

The king of all boats :-) 

The guesthouses and restaurants with stairs' directly to the beach. 

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Samui 17th August 2011

I have to apologize for not posting much recently, it's not easy as I am still stuck in London. But good news - I will be back in Samui in 3-4 weeks time, and then will immediately update you with everything you and I have missed there. We are going to catch up with local news, weather, events etc...

I do update my Facebook page quite regularly with the help of my Samui's friends who allow me to share their pictures with you, so if you are on Facebook - check "My Home Koh Samui" page.

And today my good friend Janthima Cha has taken a beautiful picture of Samui's blue sky and let me share it with you again, so this photo here is for all of you who miss Samui as much as I do right now...

See you there soon!