Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Weather update  -  16th of May 2011. 

My second post today - I thought I will update you on the weather here...

This morning started on the very quiet note - today is a public holiday, so the roads were kind of empty, and government businesses are closed...I was having my coffee in a cafe in Fishermans Village, admiring the seaview, it was so peaceful. 

Then we had to go to Maenam and suddenly that big black cloud came from the nowhere...
We were on the motorbike, mind you... just wanted a change from a car, and some fresh air...we got it big time, silly me :-) 
Came to Maenam totally wet :-) Sorry for not taking the rain shots - was too wet to bother :-)

We hid in my friends house, and then after 15 minutes the sun came out - my friend has a gorgeous garden, so it was really nice to sit and relax there for a while.

After that it was lovely and sunny for the rest of the day.

After coming back from Maenam we ended up in Big C supermarket where I couldn't resist buying fruits - mangoes, rambutans, mangosteens, lychee are in season now. And therefore they are cheap!

But what really worries me  - it's the price of coconuts. I have already mentioned it in one of my posts before, but today they've jumped in the price again, from 29 to 35 baht...Ridiculous! They were only 12 Baht 3-4 months ago. I wonder if they ever gonna go back to 12 Bt or at least to 20..... Probably not :-(

Anyway, I have to keep reminding myself that it's still a hell of a lot cheaper than £5 in UK :-) And fresher!