Sunday, 1 May 2011


01 May 2011

The weather in Samui at the moment is perfect for a great sunny holiday. For us, locals, it's a bit too hot, I personally can't bear it any more and prefer to stay in air-conditioned buildings like Tesco :-) ... 
In this weather I wish I didn't have to work outside :-) 

Today the heat has eased up a bit, after last night's rain it's feeling fresher and not as hot as previous weeks...A bit cloudy, but still very bright and hot and very humid. 

Yesterday I was out and about and took a few pictures with a small camera, so just to give you an idea about the weather...

Don't ask me what they are doing in a pond...escaping the heat i guess :-)

And perfect evening - another beautiful and quiet sunset, captured by my friend Janthima Cha.