Monday, 16 May 2011


Samui Sunset Cruise

A few days ago I was very very lucky. My friend Amy invited me and my hubby for a private sunset cruise, which was a surprise trip for her husband on his birthday. Sure, I wouldn't mind that kind of present on my birthday! :-)

So, we went to Bangrak, to the pier, where nice big boat was waiting for us, and then the fun has started! 

This was our boat.

We started off in Bangrak as I mentioned before. About 4 pm. Then the boat slowly went towards Koh Som islands, and we were admiring a untouched beauty of them..

We met the others on the way. They seemed to have a lovely time too :-)

What can be better than a glass of a cold white wine in a sunny afternoon....

Some of us were blissfully relaxing...

Some of us were jumping on trampoline - all in different styles:

The birthday boy was jumping in happiness :-)  

Someone showed off their dancing skills...

Some of us were jumping in other direction...

And simply messing around like kids...

But we all had great fun!

When you have a great company, great weather, unlimited soft and alcohol drinks, unlimited finger food buffet , great service - what else can you wish for? Not much, really :-) So, that's why the faces are so happy :-)

Captain Jedsuda was trying to stay calm and very focused! I think he succeeded :-)

Cheers!!! My good mates - lovely Salsa teacher Leeta ( )  and her partner Alberto. 

Bangkok Airways flew over our heads...

Then we moved back to Samui shores, passing some beautiful exclusive estates on the way...

Small hidden beaches... Samrong beach

Tongson Beach - you can see Melati resort on the background...

 and a little closer...

and even closer...

Beautiful private villas for rent...

I call it "no name" beach, as it's really got no name but it's very beautiful! 

Tongson Bay Bungalows - hidden budget paradise ( ) 

Kind of all together... 

Resort "Six Sense Hideaway" - very beautiful real hideaway place...

And finally Grand Finale....

It was a great trip! Ain't you just feeling it looking at those crazy people? :-) 

If there is something I could share with you, especially if you like slower rides and coming to Samui with a group of friends or big family - try to save some money before you travel and instead of doing "sardines in a crushed tin box" style trip - going in a packed speedboat to Angthong Park, Koh Phangan or anywhere else, just try to go on a nice big private yacht/catamaran to the same places...It's not always much more expensive, but it's definitely much more comfort and fun!

For example day trip to Angthong National Marine Park on this beauty will cost you  4,900 THB (+7% VAT) per person.
Children from 3 - 12 years go for 1/2 price, under 3 years free.
The price includes:
Transfers from / to the hotel
All food and all drinks (including beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks)
Use of the towels, showers and snorkeling equipment
Trip time is from 11:00am to 6:00 pm so it includes a "Free Sunset cruise".

If you wanna go just on a Sunset cruise , then it's 2,800 THB plus 7% VAT per person.
All-inclusive of the following:
Transfer to/from the resort
Red & white wine - unlimited
Heineken, Tiger and Singha beer - unlimited
Soft drinks, juice and water
Supper finger buffet

If you wanna do private tour just with your group of friends - here are the details:

Private Full Day Trip:
Thai Baht 80,000 (+7% VAT) for up to 20 people, Thai baht 2,000 per person from 21 to 60 person

The price includes:
Transfers from / to the hotel
All food and all drinks (including beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks)
Use of the towels, showers and snorkeling equipment

Private Sunset Cruise:
Thai Baht 50,000 (+7% VAT) for up to 20 people, Thai Baht 1,000 per person from 21 to 60 person

The price includes:
Transfers from / to the hotel
All food and all drinks (including beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks)
Use of the towels, showers and snorkeling equipment
From 4:00pm to 6:00 pm

And of of course great service and memories!!!

Hope you all have enjoyed.
I definitely did!


  1. Hi, I enjoyed your post.

    Are there any economical recommendations you'd make for two people celebrating their honeymoon in Koh Samui and wanting to go to Angthong National Marine Park?

    Thank you!

  2. Hi, I am not quite sure what is economical recommendations, would you like me to recommend you a nice budget restaurant to celebrate? You can go to Krua Bophut in Fishermans Village, it's very delicious, romantic, and won't break the bank.
    But if you want to go to Angthong Marine PArk - I am afraid it cannot be done any other way than buying a tour, but if you want cheapest rate - go with Samui Island Tour on their big wooden boat, it's cheapest price from all. Speedboats are more expensive.

  3. Dear Elina

    How do we book for a cruise on the Catamaran? is this via yourself, or thru the company directly?


  4. Hi Elina,

    I recently found your blog and it's been very helpful in planning my trip to Koh Samui this July. You recommended Thongson Bay Bungalows as a "budget paradise" but it's very hard to find any information on them on the Internet! When I look up the address on their website,, Google Maps points to a location near Fisherman's Village. I'm a little confused to as where they are actually located. I hope you can help. Thank you for your wonderful blog!

    1. - their website. They are located in Thongson beach, in Choengmon area. They share the beach with 5 star Melati resort, so if you can google Melati - they are next door.

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