Saturday, 21 May 2011


21th of May 2011.
A day at Choengmon beach...

Today we took our 2 year old son to Choengmon beach.  The day wasn't overly sunny, but this worked out very well, at least I didn't worry too much about a sunburn ( although you can get sunburned here even in a cloudy day - depends on your skin, ...fortunately we are blessed with the kind of skin which goes straight to brown :-) 

At this time of the year Choengmon is probably the best beach in Samui to take your young kids to.... it's very shallow, the water is very warm, you can walk about a mile before the water reaches your waist :-) But then you don't need to worry every second about your kid going into water on his own...That's a long long way to go...

 Kids are building sand castles and trying to catch small crabs, then watch them in amazement, the small fish is swimming near the beach waiting to be caught, so it's fun for children to be here. 

Choengmon is very quiet these days, but not dead quiet, all cafes are open, beach vendors are still there, offering you different stuff from beach dresses to "vitamin" ice cream :-) ... 
We had our lunch from our favourite Som-Tum lady, she makes delicious salad, which goes really well with chicken on skewers and sticky rice... Yummy  - and our kid loves it as well!  

Also the guys with corn on the hob seem to be in business now - they've got themselves a great looking sign! 


  1. Hey it looks very quiet! Are visitors going somewhere else?

  2. We are staying at the Samui Honey Cottages for 20 nights from 1st June and your photos make the beach look deserted. Were these photos taken very early in the morning or was it late afternoon?
    By the way, do you sell tankini's in your shop - my wife is looking to buy some whilst we are there.
    Ray & Pat

  3. It's a low season in Samui, so there are not many tourists on the island right now, it's kind of empty, so that's why beaches look deserted...The photos were taken about 12-1 pm. But actually its not a bad thing when there are not too many people - at least you can always find a free sunbed, the food gets delivered to your table much faster as there not too many customers to cook for, and beach is much cleaner :-)

  4. Ray - we sell bikini, but unfortunately no tankini :-(

  5. Great Blog, really makes me want to come visit Samui :)

  6. Thank you, Holly! I am sure you will love it!

  7. Thank for this interesting blog. I read your comments all the time! In 12 days I'll visit Samui for the first time. But I'm little bit anxious about the bad weather. Hope it'll be better again. If not I think about it to cancel the vacation. Greets from Frankfurt/Germany Bjoern