Sunday, 22 May 2011


22nd of May 2011

Choengmon... again :-)

I have never posted two same posts one after another, but today it looks like the case...
The weather today is so fantastic, we just couldn't resist going back to the beach. Yes, you guessed it right - back to Choengmon :-)
The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the sea is crystal clear, the pictures today are different from yesterday, you will love them...
So, please treat this post as a simple weather update, not me being tedious  :-) 

My boy was very happy!

The water was so clear....

I am not a hippo, I just look like one :-) 

Tongsay Bay resort

Saturday, 21 May 2011


21th of May 2011.
A day at Choengmon beach...

Today we took our 2 year old son to Choengmon beach.  The day wasn't overly sunny, but this worked out very well, at least I didn't worry too much about a sunburn ( although you can get sunburned here even in a cloudy day - depends on your skin, ...fortunately we are blessed with the kind of skin which goes straight to brown :-) 

At this time of the year Choengmon is probably the best beach in Samui to take your young kids to.... it's very shallow, the water is very warm, you can walk about a mile before the water reaches your waist :-) But then you don't need to worry every second about your kid going into water on his own...That's a long long way to go...

 Kids are building sand castles and trying to catch small crabs, then watch them in amazement, the small fish is swimming near the beach waiting to be caught, so it's fun for children to be here. 

Choengmon is very quiet these days, but not dead quiet, all cafes are open, beach vendors are still there, offering you different stuff from beach dresses to "vitamin" ice cream :-) ... 
We had our lunch from our favourite Som-Tum lady, she makes delicious salad, which goes really well with chicken on skewers and sticky rice... Yummy  - and our kid loves it as well!  

Also the guys with corn on the hob seem to be in business now - they've got themselves a great looking sign! 

Thursday, 19 May 2011


Our stay in Anantara's Beachfront Pool Villa.

A few days ago I got really unexpected but really amazing early birthday present - one night stay in Anantara's Beachfront Pool Villa in Bophut. 

I do love Anantara. I know some tourists find that something here is not right and something there is not right, but for me - they are doing everything right. I really like it.

We go there every year for Valentine's dinner, because it's too yummy and a good value, I love they bar where you can sit on the swings while sipping a coctail, their breakfast is great, the pool is amazing, the garden is beautiful, and I could go on and on and on...

Anyway, this time it was a very special stay. We left our baby with a babysitter for 1 night, and off we went.

We checked in about 1 pm, we immediately greeted by lovely staff, who gave us some nice tropical drinks and cold towels. Then they took us to our villa. 

The villa has completely exceeded my expectations. It is new ( they have just opened them before 
X-mas), it's right on the beachfront, so the views are to die for. The swimming pool is a very good size and has got a beautiful terrace with 2 sunbeds and a table with chairs. 

Inside this villa is kind of state of the art - I totally fell in love with it. The bathroom especially - it's amazing, it consists of 3 parts - big room with a huge bath in a middle and 2 sinks on the side, then indoor shower with a rain shower and also outdoor shower. The toiletries are in big beautiful bottles , from an aromatherapy range - Frangipani Shampoo, Lemon Conditioner, Orange Bath Foam...

The walk-in wardrobe room had everything you can wish for - bathrobes, slippers, flip-flops, ironing board and an iron, hairdrier, lots of clothes hangers, personal safe, even a yoga mat.

But the kitchen has surprised me the most - they've got an LG washing mashing there, an electric cooker, microwave, huge refrigerator, coffee-maker, tea kettle, lots of different teas and coffees ( not instant coffees, mind you), and of course lots of plates, frying pans, saucepans, cups, glasses, cutlery....they thought of absolutely everything. You can actually live here for weeks, and cook, and do your washing, and do everything you need to do. I wish it was cheaper though :-) But it's totally worth it!!! 

The living room/bedroom had an absolutely enormous bed with lots of comfy pillows, and sofa with a coffee table, small "office" corner , and a big flat screen LED Samsung TV. Basically everything you need. 

The only thing which I wasn't too sure about - there were those small plants growing on the edge of the pool, which are kind of supposed to keep your villa private, so on the one hand you wish they were bigger, so you can be sure that no one can see you from outside,  but at the same time big plants will block your amazing view, so we couldn't actually come up with an answer or solution - what is the best thing to make the villa totally private and keep an unobstructed seaview at the same time... 
Apart from this tiny thing, which actually didn't bother us at all ( we are not the shy ones :-)  but could be an issue for other people, apart from that everything was more than perfect. 

We had a lovely stay, and I want to thank all the well-trained professional staff of Anantara, GM Mr Manish with his great sense of humour and ever helpful manager Sebastian for making these 2 days absolutely perfect! 

Now - some pictures from this beautiful place...

The entrance from the beach.

The terrace and the pool.

My five o'clock tea :-)

Villa inside:

Amazing bathroom

We loved the bath :-)

Beautiful full length mirror

Walk-in wardrobe

The kitchen

Late night reading...

Amazing views...Bophut has many great boats...

Anantara's activities

Bophut's sunsets - just outside of the villa

Hotel's garden

Tennis Court

That could be my new dress :-)

The big pool 

The Full Moon restaurant.

And two very sweet late nigh touches...

Complimentary dessert

And..."have a pleasant dream...." :-)

Hope you liked it as much as we did!