Monday, 18 April 2011


April 18th, 2011. 

Today we had another busy day, driving around, doing tons of things, it's boiling hot here, mind you :-) Rain is bad, too much sun drives me mad and makes me want "spanish siesta time" - fall asleep somewhere in the room with aircon on 18 degrees  - when are we going to have the perfect weather? :-) 

Went to Chaweng Noi to take pictures of one villa resort - the view from the top was amazing, couldn't resist asking my hubby to take a few shots...

That was a roof of the villa where we were...

If I was going to Samui as a tourist - I would just have my hoilday right here, on this beach! 
Forget Chaweng...

Part of a main ring road between Chaweng and Lamai.

Then we went to Nathon, where the sea was very very shallow...

And then there was this huge thing... :-)

A few hours later we ended up in Bophut beach in Coconut Bar without the camera but with a mobile phone which did have the camera and a Pina Colada which we seriously needed, so I was still able to take some pics for you during my "beach" time :-) 

That's our sunset drinks :-))))

Coconut bar - nice place to chill....

So, as you see, the weather is perfect, so, it's about time you stop asking questions on Tripadvisor like
"Back to normal after flooding?"  :-)

The answer is yes, yes and yes! It is, indeed. Very much so! Can I have some rain back now? :-))))