Wednesday, 6 April 2011


06 April 2011

Hi guys, I am still in Chiangmai ( coming back to Samui tomorrow), but my friends in Samui are telling me that the weather is great, hot with lots of sun, and the island is recovering very quickly. Everywhere is kind of dry now.

This morning in Samui ( photo by Jantima Cha)  


  1. Hi Elina,

    Do you have any information about the Chaweng Regent Beach Resort? Are they still open? Have they suffered damage? Thanks DJ

  2. Hi Elina.

    Any info on the Peace Resort after the flooding. From what I can tell, Bophut is a more sheltered beach. We are flying in from Australia on the 21st April.


    Cheers Kerri

  3. Peace resort seems to be ok, passed it in a car today a couple of times, everything dry outside, Bophut beach wasn't damaged too bad.
    Don't know for sure about Chaweng Regent, but didn't hear that its closed or anything, so should be all right.

  4. Thanks Elina. Much appreciated. It's great to get current local info.

    Cheers Kerri.