Monday, 4 April 2011


Weather 03 April 2011

The weather today had a little bit of everything- sun, rain, clouds...
Unfortunately I am not in Samui right now, so it's not easy for me to comment on a conditions of hotels and beaches, but from what I've heard - the cleaning up works are going really fast, in many places you wouldn't even think that anything has happened there at all, some areas need more time. Hotels in South Chaweng were damaged the most, but even they have started functioning and are doing their best to accomodate all the clients's needs. 
Boat companied have started their service - Petcherat has just announced that have resumed their service to Koh Tao.

Today's sunset by my very good friend Jantima Cha.


  1. Well I can confirm not to cancel your trip to Ko Sumi. I'm sitting at my resort right now enjoying the lovely weather and friendly poeple. Thanks to Camille we are having a wonderful time!

  2. Hi Elina,

    we will stay in 2 weeks at the new star beach resort, chaweng noi beach. Can you say anything about this hotel after the flood and the rain?
    Thank you for your fotos and news on this side.
    Sincerely yours Anja

  3. hi there,thank you for your updates,they are so helpful,will be in samui next week for a whole month,can't wait to get back to paradise...