Saturday, 2 April 2011


Weather 02 April 2011

Samui woken up to a lovely sunshine, which lasted a while before clouds came back, but fortunately there was no rain for the whole day. 
Flooding is gradually drying, not as quickly as we would like to, but hopefully a few more days like this - and island will be dry and nice again. 

This morning on Bophut beach, outside of Free House Bungalow resort ( photo by owner Oh)

Not as bad as many people imagine :-)  Please, don't cancel your trips. 


  1. Thanks for the Infos form Samui!
    If it is possible please post more pictures of the current situation.
    We will arrive mid April on samui.
    Greetings from Germany

  2. Thank you for all the information
    It is very helpful and encouraging
    I request you
    If you can
    Say a few words on Phangan
    On the 18th Moon Party
    Important for us to know what happens on the island
    If there will be tourist ...
    Or dance with ourselves
    What next few days forecast
    sites Write have rain again?
    Thank you

  3. I also look for information about how Koh Phangan survived the flood. And haven found much : (

    Thank you again Elina for your blogg.

  4. Hi guys, I cannot say exactly for Koh Phangan, of course it was very flooded, but it seems that Chaloklum area has suffered the most. I found 2 links you can check out:

  5. Could you please give an update on Maenam beach, we will arrive at the Moon Huts on April 12 - has it been badly effected?

  6. Hey Elina,
    my family and another family are heading to Samui in 2 weeks... 5th time for us.. we love it.
    we are bound for Lamai Beach. Are you able to tell us how affected Lamai is ? We are concerned that the waters have possibly washed much mud and other waste etc into the streets, and even on to the beach at Lamai.
    It is the first time to visit for our friends and we dont want them to experience it if is really bad.
    If you are able to find out any info on Lamai it would be greatly appreciated.

    We hope of course that it is ok, and we really cant wait to be there again in 2 weeks time.

  7. Hi Darren, Lamai was in pretty bad condition, but everything is being restored now, so in 2 weeks you should be ok, maybe some minor damage here and there, but I don't think that any major problem will be still left...

  8. Gday Elina,
    thanks very much for the info. Sounds great
    and like we will be definitely enjoying ourselves again soon.

  9. Hi elina, Just like the others i feel very concerned and worried about the weather and the condition of Koh samui. I'm going to samui paradise resort( south of Chaweng beach) on 17th April. I emailed the resort but got no answers so far. I really don't know whether i should cancel or not. Please any information is welcome.

  10. Not sure about Samui Paradise resort, the area was damaged too much.