Friday, 1 April 2011


Weather 1st April 2011

The island's woken up to a sunshine today, hopefully it will speed up the recovery and dry the floods much quicker. Pictures of this morning ( by my friends Jantima Cha and Sammy Eldridge) :

Many people have sent me emails in the last few days asking about whether they should come to Samui or change or cancel their trip - I would say if the weather will stay as it is now, without more heavy rains and storms and 3 meters waves, the island will be back to normal in about a week time. The most damaged places will need about 2 weeks  but fortunately there is not too many places like that. 
Seems like beachfront buildings of hotels in South Chaweng had suffered the most. New KC resort started coming down, Banana Fan Sea was damaged as well - here is the picture which I borrowed from Camille Lemmens's blog : 

Anyway, it looks like the weather is only going to improve, it's the hottest season in the end of the day, so everything should be ok in no time. Not sure Songkran will be much fun this year though - I personally totally fed up with water, but maybe in a week we will forget all this nightmare a bit...


  1. Hi - thank yo so much for your blogs - the only honest revie we can get ! Due to stay at Banana Fan Sea in 8 days - have heard it is closed and all guests relocated ! cannot get in touch with hotel ?? very frustrating ! Travelling with 2 other families and 6 kids !! have stayed at BFS many times but not prepared to spend a heap of $ in a damaged resort - poss with repairs going on - shope shut and generally disaster surrounding us - app it is also not safe to be in sea due to debris , snakes and crocodiles ? do you have any advise on refunds etc and who we can contact ?? thanks shannette

  2. Hi Shannette, yes BFS was quite damaged - beachfront especially. You should get in touch with the hotel, it's very frustrating that they do not reply, but you can only get your refund from the place where you initially booked everything. Hope snakes and crocodiles will all be caught by then - don't think crocodiles got that far :-) Debris will be cleaned, basically the only problem which you may face - it's a damage in your resort, but you have to try and maybe telephone them and ask how they are doing there, maybe it will be fixed.

  3. Shanette, I called to Banana Fan Sea, they told me this: " All rooms of Banana Fan Sea open as usual, but the pool is temporarily closed.
    Restaurant is open morning at 8.30 am and close at 6:00 pm as due to shortage of food ingredients some food items in a menu can not be completed."