Wednesday, 30 March 2011


30 March 2011 - Food supply in Samui

Just got back from Big C.
We didn't even attempt to go to Tesco - saw the pictures with empty shelves, so was hoping Big C has more. We were wrong, very wrong. 
Anyway, managed to get some carrots ( apparently carrots proved to be not really popular product here - no one keeps the rabbits here :-(  and also we got some take-away food from the food court - they still have food - amazing! Tesco's food court run out of food yesterday quite early.
Big C looks like IT centre right now - tons of people who don't have electricity in their houses, trying to charge their phones and laptops and use Internet.
Anyway, the pictures will tell you the story:


  1. Thanks for the updates Elina. I follow you on Facebook as well. We have two homes on Samui, one near Chaweng - Orchard Village, and one on Choeng Mon. Both were okay in November, hope they are okay again. Stay dry and safe.

  2. Thanks a lot, we will get through it.