Wednesday, 30 March 2011


30 March 2011

We were expecting much better weather today but it doesn't look like it's going to happen, it's raining non-stop again, not as much as yesterday, but still a lot. 

Floods on the roads have gone down a bit, but roads have big damage - collapsed brigde in nathon, landslides around Nathon and between Chaweng and Lamai, many areas have no electricity for nearly 3 days, especially Bangrak and Choengmon are affected.

Bangkok Airways had 6 planes taken off in Bangkok but only 1 has landed in Samui, also I have heard that Firefly flight from Malaysia has landed this morning in Samui as well.  I find the most updates about Bangkok Airways on their Facebook Page!/FlyBangkokAir 

Access to the airport is also badly affected - many roads nearby still have floods.

In Krabi there was a very serious disaster with thousands people buried under landslide -

A few pictures of today from Raymond Day and Natchaya Mornpia:

Tesco in Nathon 


  1. I have spent MONTHS on Samui. I now live in Lopburi, where it is currently VERY COLD - but no major rain.

    It occurs that there is a nice waterfall in the south of Samui, where I have been many times. Its main problem is there is usually little FLOW.

    But right now, I suspect it is BIBLICAL. Sad that few people will be enjoying it...