Thursday, 31 March 2011


Went to Maenam today, there is a big flood in Bophut starts from the traffic light near Fishermans Village and goes all way to the Peace resort... Quite deep!


Weather in Samui - some new photos...

By Luciano Barzetti - Chaweng.

By Ann Florizoone  - main road in Chaweng Noi

By Raymond Day 

 By Sarudha Wichaidist

And the ones which have shocked me the most - 
by all these photographers: 

This is luxury new soon-to be opened ( not so soon now)  
KC beach resort, which was being built on Chaweng beach

These are other damages on the island...

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


30 March 2011 - Food supply in Samui

Just got back from Big C.
We didn't even attempt to go to Tesco - saw the pictures with empty shelves, so was hoping Big C has more. We were wrong, very wrong. 
Anyway, managed to get some carrots ( apparently carrots proved to be not really popular product here - no one keeps the rabbits here :-(  and also we got some take-away food from the food court - they still have food - amazing! Tesco's food court run out of food yesterday quite early.
Big C looks like IT centre right now - tons of people who don't have electricity in their houses, trying to charge their phones and laptops and use Internet.
Anyway, the pictures will tell you the story:


Our trip to petrol station in Chaweng last night...


Bophut beach,

Resort Free House Bungalow

(photos by an owner Oh)


30 March 2011 

Roads of Samui. 

Police in action ( photo by Oleg Grigorev)

The road near Nathon.

flood and jade march 2011


30 March 2011

We were expecting much better weather today but it doesn't look like it's going to happen, it's raining non-stop again, not as much as yesterday, but still a lot. 

Floods on the roads have gone down a bit, but roads have big damage - collapsed brigde in nathon, landslides around Nathon and between Chaweng and Lamai, many areas have no electricity for nearly 3 days, especially Bangrak and Choengmon are affected.

Bangkok Airways had 6 planes taken off in Bangkok but only 1 has landed in Samui, also I have heard that Firefly flight from Malaysia has landed this morning in Samui as well.  I find the most updates about Bangkok Airways on their Facebook Page!/FlyBangkokAir 

Access to the airport is also badly affected - many roads nearby still have floods.

In Krabi there was a very serious disaster with thousands people buried under landslide -

A few pictures of today from Raymond Day and Natchaya Mornpia:

Tesco in Nathon