Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Nature and animals

Samui's living creatures

My friend Ann Florizoone lives near jungle, so, some crazy creatures come to her house on the regular basis :-)

I saw she posted today some new photos, so I decided to borrow them to show you, guys, who you can meet sometimes in Samui.  I personally have zero chance to see them myself as I live on the busy and noisy ring road, but quite a few people here see these little fellows every day...

Most of them are harmless, so if you don't like them or scared of them, just wait a bit and they will go by themselves, they are scared of you too :-)
Don't kill them - they are locals, they were here well  before us...


  1. beautiful pics indeed, but one question ... is the green snake dangerous or not ? We have a big garden well liked by snakes and I think I had one like this already ....
    best regards Marion

  2. Ah, the snake is horrible....

  3. Green snakes are ok....you should only be aware of cobras.