Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Ampha Place Hotel

I was going to write about this place for a while, from the day when I discovered it in Maenam during my daily drive around Samui.

I rarely get impressed with small hotels/guesthouses. I have a few personal long-time favourites, but have hardly seen any nice newcomers... Just "clean and tidy and free WI-FI" is not enough for me...The place should have its charm.  So, I was really pleasantly surprised, when a couple of months ago, while driving through small alleyways in Maenam, we came across this small but absolutely brilliant place.

Ampha Place is a family owned small hotel located 150 meters from Maenam Beach and a 10 minutes walk to the centre of Maenam Village. 
 Maenam has small bars, restaurants, and cafes, but besides that it is extremely low key and quiet. If you are looking for the hustle and bustle in Koh Samui, nightclubs and shopping then Maenam probably isn't the place for you. However, if you are looking for a quiet retreat away from the crowds then Maenam is where you want to be.

The hotel seemed new, and it is pretty new - about 1,5 years old. The owners were outside by the reception/bar when we walked it, and they introduced themselves as Ampha and Eric. She is Thai, he is Swiss.  Ampha offered me to do a hotel inspection, so I immediately agreed as I was curious.

From what I saw there, I can honestly say - all 12 hotel rooms are very nice and extremely clean, the pool is also very clean and big enough, and it is literally a minute walk to the beach. All rooms are equipped with airconditioning, hot water, shower, TV with international channel, minibar, safe deposit box,  and free WI-FI.  Double (king-sized bed) twin and family rooms available. Family room is a double connected with a twin room.
And the main reason why I really liked the place - not the good rooms or the pool, but Ampha  and Eric, who are lovely people and very very friendly hosts who ensure that their guests' stay is as pleasant as possible.

The prices are ridiculously low for this quality and location so close to the beach -1100 THB for a double in high season, and 950 THB in low season. Family room costs 2000 THB in high season, and 1700 THB in low season. And additional bed 350 THB.

So, now a few pictures from there....

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Nature and animals

Samui's living creatures

My friend Ann Florizoone lives near jungle, so, some crazy creatures come to her house on the regular basis :-)

I saw she posted today some new photos, so I decided to borrow them to show you, guys, who you can meet sometimes in Samui.  I personally have zero chance to see them myself as I live on the busy and noisy ring road, but quite a few people here see these little fellows every day...

Most of them are harmless, so if you don't like them or scared of them, just wait a bit and they will go by themselves, they are scared of you too :-)
Don't kill them - they are locals, they were here well  before us...

Saturday, 8 January 2011


Harley Davidson

That was our next ring road wonder... Harley Davidson showroom on Samui. As soon as we said goodbye to the elephants walking past our car, we turned the car around only to see a new Harley Davidson showroom sitting right next to us...Very white, very posh, very expensive :-) 

They don't have many bikes there yet, but I must say it looks so out of place here, in a middle of nowhere, next to Namuang waterfall, where elephants are walking on the road and mummified monk is watching the world go by  :-)

Nature and animals


I always feel like a tourist when we leave a busy part of Samui and go to less developed areas.
Today we went South...and every time we go south, we see something interesting :-) 
Today we saw elephants...

I haven't actually seen them for a while, so today it was kind of rare sight  (for us - people of overdeveloped North :-) - to see them walking on the road in line, coming back from their trekking site, and then later on seeing them again in their natural enviroment, near the mountains, eating and resting after todays' work...
My son went speechless - he has never seen them before, so he was totally amuzed by them and just kept looking at these gentle giants walking past him...

Places to go

I feel like I didn't post anything here for ages...
So, today I am going to write about a few things...

The first will be the photos from Samui New Year's Eve celebrations...We personally went to Nikki beach and had an amazing time there, but lots of people celebrated in Chaweng beach. Both places had excellent fireworks, lots of fun and great atmosphere.

New Year's Eve in Nikki Beach

Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to pop down to Chaweng beach during NYE night, 
but my friend Jantima Cha did, 
so here are some of her photos of  Chaweng firework display.

So, hopefully you enjoyed looking at these pics, 
and may be you will choose to celebrate next NYE here on Samui!
It's FUN!!!!!! And it's warm :-) :-)