Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Tuesday, 14.12.2010

I still can't believe the rainy season has finished... ( I mean I hope it's finished...it looks like it's finished, and Windguru shows no rain in sight...) We had quite a lot of it in the last two months, so now waking up in the morning to a blue sky feels a bit strange...got used to grey one :-) ...  so I keep checking it all the time :-)

We had a few appointments today in different areas, and on the way we took pictures of different beaches and nice views... I thought I will post them here, make you guys happy and hopefully put a smile on your faces :-)

So, the starting point was  South Chaweng..


 I really fancied a massage but had no time for it...
( typical....can't remember last time I went smimming, can't remember when I had a massage :-) ...). 
The masseuses had plenty of time, but no clients... One of the life's paradoxes... :-)

Then we moved to Chaweng Noi

Hotel Sarann...

 Then it was a Coral Cove beach where we added this pretty cliffside bungalow for our  property database...

 Then we stopped at various viewpoints...

You can see Silver beach in a distance...The view from The Cliff restaurant..

So, hope you got an idea how Samui looks like right now! 
  Fan-tas-tic!!!!!    Book a holiday and come over!  :-)


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