Tuesday, 7 December 2010



Today the weather has been really bad, so I've cancelled all my appointments and am staying at home. The road outside of my house doesn't look too good to me ( although we have seen much worse a month ago), and I am pretty much sure that many areas of Samui got flooded today too. 
I already got a message from our son's nursery, urging all parents to start making their way to school as the road outside is getting more and more flooded, so I guess I'd better go there now :-)

So at the moment the road outside of my house looks like this :

And I hope it will not get much worse...

On the positive note - 

 these 3 days of rain have given me a chance to complete the work on my second blog - 


which is ACCOMODATION ONLY  blog. This blog is only a temporary replacement for the proper fantastic website we are making, which will be ready in about 1-1,5 month time, and of course I will inform you when our website is completed and ready to use.

You have probably noticed lately that during last month I've been posting some examples of accomodation for rent in my blog...
I only did it on requests of some of my readers, but to be honest I absolutely hated doing this as I don't like to mix pleasure and work, and the whole idea of  my blog  www.myhomekohsamui.com  was just to give you plenty of information about Samui and share my personal experience of a life in Thailand. 

So, now those who are interested in accomodation as well as information, can look at the other blog, and the ones who have already booked their accomodation, can stay here on these pages. 
Basically you have a better choice now :-) 
Although, you can still get a very good info about Samui on the page "Samui Overview" 

I have done my best to make this information as full and complete as possible, so you will have a very good idea about where you would like to stay in Samui on your holiday.

The accomodation blog is obviously not fully completed yet as it takes a lot of time to add all the houses and villas to there,  and I don't have that much time,  plus we are getting new houses pretty much every other day, so if you don't see there something you like, you can still always contact us directly on < samuiconnection@gmail.com > and we will send you more options.

I will add new houses or villas pretty much every day, but meantime feel free to browse through the pages of http://stayinsamui.blogspot.com  and see some examples of what we have in our database.  You have already seen some of them , but there are quite a few which you haven't seen yet, especially in the "luxury" section.