Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Places to go

Starbeach Bistro and Cafe

I'm always trying to look out for some nice new places to eat, and we do have our long time favourites, but so far I've been having problem with finding a good place to have breakfast.

If I want just a porridge or muesli with yoghurt - I will just do it myself at home. But if I want proper good old English fry-up, I like to go out and let someone cook it for me.

Unfortunately many places in Samui where you can get it, IMHO are slightly confused with their location.  I think they imagine themselves being located somewhere in a middle of a beautiful English small village or something like that, not less...otherwise how can they explain their prices for the full English ( or American) breakfast which often exceed 200 THB? For example Admiral Nelson Pub  charges 230 THB, which is nearly £5... I can get English breakfast in London for this money, you know...

So, after seeing quite a few unrealistic eateries around, I was really pleased to find one little gem which does the job for what it cost here... And I really want to recommend it to you, before you waste your money somewhere else...

This tiny place is called Starbeach Bistro and Cafe, it's a husband (he serves) and wife ( she cooks) team,  and it's located in Big Buddha area just before the turn to Plai Laem temple ( or Six Senses resort - whichever you know better)

The cost of Full English breakfast, which includes 3 sausages, 2 slices of ham, 1 slice of beacon, 2 fried eggs, fresh sliced tomato, 2 toasts with butter and orange marmelade is 90 THB

Their coffee is egually good priced  and tastes great too - the owners imports coffee beans from Australia. 

So, it was a very pleasant surprise to finally find someone who is not greedy and does excellent job, we really enjoyed our breakfast, and I actually felt very full for the rest of the day. 

And yes - they have a free WI-FI there!!!!

Here are some pictures:

View from the road

Happy customer :-)


  1. Nice place indeed - good food and coffee (which is quite rare on Samui), reasonable prices. American breakfast is now 140b (drinks not included), English one is cheaper but not 90b any more for sure.
    I usually take tuna'n'egg sandwich (40b) and coffee, that's enough for me as American breakfast is big enough for two.

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