Saturday, 11 December 2010

Places to go


Woody A shop and bar

Yesterday we went to the opening of a new venue in Fishermans Village - "Woody A shop and bar".
 There are tons of places in a village to eat, drink and shop, but this cool little place is different...
We liked it a lot!   

The owners - superfriendly couple Mike and Ina have made every possible effort  to make this place very warm and welcoming, they take great delight in greeting every customer personally, making sure that everybody’s totally happy. 

The menu looks very yummy, and at the opening party we had a chance to try a few samples of what they offer...Being open all day, there’s a wide range of sandwiches, burgers, soups, antipastas, salads, snacks, coffee and juices always available, as you might expect. 

The signature drink is a rum punch - once you tried it, you will come back for more, it's a splendid blend of fresh tropical fruits with good old rum... 

For health concious - there is a big choice of fruit smoothies with funky names and delicious taste, for Mcdonalds/Burger King junkies - a few types of great home made mouthwatering burgers, and for Spaish/Italian food lovers - there is delicious gazpacho, nachos, antipasti, insalata mista, etc... So there is something for everybody, even the little ones...

The shop adjasent to the cafe sells very funky and cool clothes for men and women, shoes, bags and jewellery and it's not just holiday wear - you can easily wear everything  back at your home country...

Come and try this little place for breakfast, lunch or light dinner, or just drinks with friends, you will definitely be back again.

P.S. One more thing I forgot to mention about - Mike has a big screen and a playstation there, so there is a free offer to play a game after your meal if you need to kill some time...  :-)


  1. that sounds very nice...we will check it out in January...thanks for the nice pics and the report:-)

    Greetings from freezing Germany

  2. We did spend some time there and really enjoyed the atmosphere and the people !
    Pierre and his little French family