Thursday, 16 December 2010

Christmas on Samui

Getting ready for Christmas!

Samui is getting ready to celebrate! Today we drove around and saw various beautiful X-mas trees which is still unusual sight for the tropical island, but it is definitely putting us in a Christmas mood and makes me think about starting bying presents ( that is the hardest part - what can we buy here.....)  and quickly installing X-mas tree in our house - we got one already,  the biggest we could find in Makro :-) 

But of course being on the tropical island is not all about Christmas - today's sunset was very beautiful too and we enjoyed it from one stunning villa which we added to our database today! 

The days are getting busier and busier, there are more and more people coming to Samui, so work doesn't seem to be finishing...this is how we normally end up these days... :-) :-)


  1. Same here in South Africa... I never get quite into the spirit of Xmas because it is sunny and warm. Coming originally from Holland you are used to cold and snowy weather. You see a few trees in the malls and some decoration but nothing like Europe or the USA.

    The photo of your boy sleeping on your lap is so cute!!

  2. Elina, where would you recommend to go out for Christmas celebration with kids (7 and 1.8 years old) in Samui? We are staying in Bangpo Village where we really enjoy the quiet and green surroundings, but would like to find a place for Xmas celebration :)

  3. To be honest I don't know, as there is no real X-mas celebration for kids in Samui. We do our own at home with friends. Many hotels have X-mas lunches and dinners, so basically it's all about eating here...Nikki beach may have something nice there, not cheap but always nice...

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