Thursday, 2 December 2010


Beaches: Chaweng/Lamai today.

The forecast for Samui predicted lots of rain for today, but apparently we had a lovely day! 
Lots of sun, no rain (or very little - it's different in different areas), and quite big waves on the main beaches...

First I went to Lamai beach to visit Thai House Hotel and Weekender resort with inspection,  and I  took a couple of shots there to give you guys some idea about what's going on here at the moment.

I have to apologise that my photos are not anywhere as good as my hubby's ones, but I was on my own, with a simple camera, and that's all I 've got from there...
So, this was taken in Lamai

And then later on we decided to have a small break from work and went to South Chaweng as my husband likes to surf there outside of Samui Paradise Chaweng.... Chaweng had even bigger waves, very good for surfing, so we spent a couple of hours there before going back home...
So, this was South Chaweng today:
(As you see, waves didn't stop anybody enjoying the sunny weather at last!)