Saturday, 6 November 2010



Today was a pretty good day, very little drizzle, no sun though. We took a little trip around Bophut, Bangrak, Choengmon and Chaweng and took a few pictures to show you the current situation here. 
It's getting so much better....Most of the roads are dry already and traffic is completely resumed. 

You can see the difference: 

Main Ring Road between Bophut and Chaweng, outside Samui Town Center. 



Bophut, outside of the entrance to the temple, in front of Fishermans Village:



Bophut Road, leading from intersection to the entrance of Fishermans Village.




So, as you see, the difference is pretty great. Now I am just going to go from area to area, showing you what's happening where. 

Some water in Choengmon , in front of Plai Laem Temple.

 Choengmon Beach - in pretty bad condition.

The sea is still rough...

 In front of the Sala Samui Resort.

But some were still making the most out of the situation  :-)

We've made an amazing discovery in Choengmon - Samui's own Emerald Lake!!!!...  :-)  
God knows, where has it come from, we have never seen it before, locals said it will take about 3 months to disappear, so, guys, if you couldn't make it to Angthong Marine Park in November - you can always come to backstreets of Choengmon and admire this view... Not bad actually :-)
P.S. Colours in the pictures is real.

Then we moved towards Chaweng, and popped down to Baan Haad Ngam resort in North Chaweng which is kind of next door to Kandaburi resort.

The beach is non-existent, but people seem to have been enjoying the pool instead.

Next stop was Amari Palm Reef in Chaweng

Outside of Iyara Beach Hotel & Plaza

Chaweng Beach Road

Around Chaweng Lake

 Embankment has disappeared under the water...

Chaweng Beach - Middle Part.

We took pictures outside Al's resort, behind TOPS supermarket. Beach here looked very decent, pretty clean. People were walking, swimming, relaxing in the chairs, so this part of Chaweng has left a good impression.

 Waiting for the sun...

Seems it's going to be a long wait.. Sky is grey...

And final part ( and the worst looking one) was South Chaweng beach.

Normally it's the most beautiful part of the beach, but today it wasn't the case...

Outside of Samui Paradise Chaweng resort.


  1. Thank you Elina; you did a great job with magnificent photos.

    Thanks a lot,


  2. You are welcome! But the biggest thanks goes to my photographer husband who is actually responsible for taking them for all of us :-)

  3. big thumbs up to the photographer and your good work!

    Besides south chaweng is where the drainage of the lake ends... that's why so much debris!