Wednesday, 10 November 2010



Well...we had a lovely morning and afternoon today...

It started great. We took our son to nursery and went for our usual morning coffee to Karma Sutra in Fishermans Village.

Bophut was a bit flooded after yesterday's rain, nothing major, as usual, the flood was only in one place - where you turn towards the village from the main road's intersection, in front of the temple entrance and a bit towards the Fishermans village entrance, which you can see on the very back of the picture.

The Fisherman's Village itself was fine, just a little wet after rain, very quiet and peaceful as always in the mornings, the weather was great, and we could even see blue patches in the sky, what made us really happy.

Bophut beach was also ok. It was quite narrow today, and there were some waves, but it was pretty clean, comparing to many other places.

We checked The Lodge and Smile House, they looked ok. The Lodge was still recovering after big storm last week, but entrance to the Smile House looked totally perfect.

Lovely views from Bophut beach

Then we had to go to Chaweng to see my client, and of course we wanted to check the area at the same time...
Here is where all the fun started...

Firstly, we nearly got stuck by the Chaweng lake, trying to get to Chaweng from Tesco Lotus. 
The water was really high and many cars were turning back. Only the bravest ones ( and I consider us as part of them) went forward. We had to... and had no other way to go around. 

You can see white/red police box in the distance, it's where the road turns to the lake...

 I have seen it somewhere, haven't we all? Same, same again...

Another brave young soul...

Didn't make it too far...

 One of the kids nurseries ( Thanks God, not ours - I don't have a boat..)

Floating devices...

Empty road now...

Despite all the obstacles, we've made it to Chaweng beach Road. Which wasn't probably the best idea...

Outside of Iyara Beach Hotel and Plaza and Natien resort.

Chaweng Beach Road, direction towards Choengmon.

Flood won't stop us! :-)

Dry path through Natien resort.

 I have been into Nautical Theme fashion lately :-)))) Ok, it's not about me - the beach is tiny here...

       Beach of Iyara Beach Hotel and Plaza.  North Chaweng.

To the left, to the left...

Amari Palm Reef

Beach outside Amari hotel.   

So, after a few minutes we left and went to Chaweng, moving from North to South...The road was good in midddle part of Chaweng, so we got a bit too optimistic too early :-)

Not for long though... The line was crossing the street.  
Exactly where I needed to go...Typical, isn't it?

The best part.....
Starts outside Buri Rasa Resort, and goes south towards Banana Fan Sea, Centara, Poppies etc.

There is no other way...

Going for a walk...

That's it, man!...You're stuck. 

I want one of these :-)))

Oh, yes, some of you are really keen to visit this little place for a good curry...Good luck!

 "Ninja Crepes" restaurant

"What's the hell...?  Is someone fishing here"

Apparently - YES, there are some fish in the water...My hubby saw a couple, couldn't believe his eyes.

"I should get out of here. Now! Before some fish bites me"...

Another very flooded area - around Laem Din market, in the bottom of the Chaweng lake. 
We didn't even go there, it's not possible.

Chaweng lake burst its banks and flooded all surrounding areas.

So, we turned around and went to Chaweng Ring Road.
It was nice and dry for a change...

Some new cracks on the road - opposite PTT petrol station in Chaweng.

The final place which I wanted to see was  South Chaweng Beach
It was still in pretty bad condition.

"Samui Paradise Chaweng" at the front and "Samui Resotel" at the back of the photograph.

So, hopefully you got an idea.  Now it's raining again, so I don't think it will all dry by tomorrow...


  1. Thanks for the pics. No idea what's going on when you live in the hills...


  2. Thank you for the pictures, we are ariving next week.......

  3. Next week looks good in forecasts, so hopefully you will enjoy your time here!

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