Saturday, 6 November 2010



Today we went to Fisherman's Village, ventured to Bophut beach, which was not in its best condition, but definitely not the worst I have seen here in the last few days... Baby decided to play with the coconuts which have fallen from the palm trees during the storm, so we stayed there for a while, before moving to Maenam...

Bophut Beach

The road from Bophut to Maenam was dry and clean, didn't see any problem at all.

Outside of Sandy Resort in Bophut  
(specially for Vicky who is going to stay here tomorrow)

Maenam Main Road

Maenam beach didn't look impressive, had lots of rubbish and I was surprised to see old wooden Maenam pier being demolished and replaced by the new concrete one...Hope it will be strong and will look good when it's finished...

 Old Maenam Pier

Maenam Beach

What has left the worst impression.... ?  The Sea.....The water was extremely dirty in Maenam, I wouldn't even think about swimming in there...


  1. Dear Elina,
    Thanks for all your updates,
    We are arriving on Saturday 13 November, and staying at the Grand Centara, would much appreciate if u could brief me on the situation there, especially the shoreline and the hotel all in all has it been badly affected.

    Hoping to hear from u

    Best Regards

  2. There was a big water on the road outside Centara - chest high, but I believe hotel was ok as it's on the raised ground. And being 5 star, I am pretty sure they cleaned up their beach by now...

  3. Hey Elina! Good day to you :) Wondering how is the situation in Kandaburi Resort & Spa? Is the beach there alright? Apologize for the trouble and thanks in advance for your feedback.

  4. Hi Allan, I have it in my previous post, 05.11.2010, where you can see the pictures from Baan Haad Ngam resort. If you look at the picture with two palmtrees and sign "Olivio" - you can see the beach of Kandaburi on the back...these two resorts are nearly next door to each other...

  5. Hi Elina. Got that & thanks! It looks that the water isn't that clean after all. Would you agree? Hmm.. kind of wondering whether I selected the wrong resort to stay in. Do you mind sharing where is the best place to get their tasty local food?

  6. The water wasn't actually bad around Kandaburi because sea was pretty calm there. There are thousands resorts on the island and I can give you a long list of my favourites,but obviously it all is down to your budget and preferences. You can always send me an email ( look in INFO on Facebook page) if you need any assistance with choosing or booking. And tasty food is literally everywhere!!!!!

  7. Dear Elina, thank you for the wonderfulwork!

    Regarding "The Sea.....The water was extremely dirty in Maenam, I wouldn't even think about swimming in there..." Agreed, I would not even recommend it! But this is normal, as the floods wash all the debris into the rivers and the rivers wash it all into the sea, after rainy season you will see, all will be clear again!

    I have lived at Mea Nam Beach for ~12 Years any time, if there are heavy downpours, the sea will take it's share, after all the debris will end up on the beach again - recycled by mother nature!

  8. Yes, I know..What I mean, that the sea in Maenam was really dirty compared to the areas where it was calm and clear...Chaweng and Lamai had lovely sea, absolutely suitable for swimming, but sea on the North side of the island - Maenam, Bophut and Choengmon was a total mess...

  9. Morning Elina! I did not manage to do a proper survey when I got that travel package from a travel fair back in Malaysia. It was kinda like a on the spot thingy/decision. I would have love a good place with reasonable price and I'm not sure whether 20K baht for 2 person including flight is worth it for the place that I'm going to reside. What do you think? Going to start hunting for the food when I arrive. Thanks for the response provided and I will be glad to offer the same assistance if you ever drop by in Malaysia with your family. Have a good day!

  10. Kandaburi is not a bad place it'a actually a quite nice hotel...The beach and shallow sea outside are not the best on the island, but if you don't like it - they have good swimming pools there....Also hotel provides a free shuttle to Chaweng if I am not mistaken, so you can go there if it's your cup of tea...Are you on the hillside or by the beach? If you are on the hillside - there are quite a few steps to get down to the beach. The food is good in hotel but very pricey, drinks as well. There are a few cheap places to eat outside of resort, they are quite good.

  11. I will check on the shuttle when I arrive. Since the beach there is not the best, I might just give it a skip. I guess the only thing I could do is just to walk on it. Also planning to watch sunrise and sunset with my wife and some friends recommend that I should rent a motor. Will that be a good idea? Safe?

    Eh.. I'm on the hillside :( Quite a few steps might translate into a short walk between 5 - 10 mins I assume?

    Yeah, that is what I heard with regards to the food pricing in the hotel. Can you please recommend any specific restaurant/cafe that I can visit for lunch an dinner? Was thinking of having some good local spicy food and a few glasses of cold beers for myself (hahaha...)

  12. Allan, yes, the walk will be about 10 minutes...

    If you need any help with car rent - you can ask your hotel to assist or here is the prices in my travel agency -

    1.Suzuki sporty jeep, Caribian (Manual gear) 800 b/day, 4,700 b for week or 14,500 b/month

    2.Suzuki Vitara 4/4 (Automatic gear) 1,300 b/day, 7,500 b for week, 21,000 b/month

    3.Toyota Yaris (Automatic gear) 1,500 b/day
    8,000 b for week, 26,000 b/month

    4.Toyota Vios (Automatic gear) 1,500 b/day, 8,000 b for week, 26,000 b/month

    About food - to be honest I dont eat in Chaweng, we mostly eat in Bophut and is some places around island we like.
    In Bophut - "Malee" restaurant opposite 7/11 in front of the entrance to Fishermans Village, also "Oasis" - inside Fishermans Village opposite Starfish and Coffee restaurant.
    "Bongoes" in Choengmon - not too far from your hotel, 5-7 min drive up north towards Choengmon, will be on you left immediately after you pass a turn to Absolute Sanctuary.
    In Chaweng main road (not the beach road), opposite Chaweng Police station there is a place which does North Thai food. Very good too.
    For dinner - I really like "Krua Bophut" in Fishermans Village and "Orgasmic" for special occasion between Bophut and Bangrak.

  13. Elina, I will get in touch with you when I arrive. Where is your Travel Agency located at?

  14. We are in Bophut. In Fishermans Village. Send me email when you get here. Tomorrow rain will ease, and the weather will improve, so I think you will still have a good holiday.

  15. Will contact you once I reach. How's the weather there now? Hopefully its all good!

  16. Lovely right now, but a few areas got flooded again, so will need a few days to recover.

  17. i am sorry but what time did you make the pics from maenam beach??? meanam is veryyyyyyyy nice and clean. your photos looks like you make it in the raining-saison. then every beach look not nice!
    please make some more NICE photos an the daytime. is beautiful there and very quiet! perfect for people with children!
    i life in maenam since 13 years and know what i am talking about.
    i love your web side and enjoy all the photos what you have here!
    have a great day and stay like that.
    thank you.

  18. Of course it's nice and clean, but as you can see - those pics were taken in a middle of rainy season in November, and no beaches in Samui were nice and clean then, including Maenam. I am moving to Maenam myself in 3 months, so I love it.

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