Wednesday, 3 November 2010


And more rain...

Resort Free House Bungalow in Bophut 


Chaweng Ring Road

Chaweng Beach Road, outside Zico restaurant.

Ring Road in Bophut

And finally - gradual transformation of parking space in front of our house...Gradual disappearing, to be exact... :-)


  1. Wow, you guys have a lot of floodings on Samui, I hope that there are NOT many families loosing their houses?? How is the support and help from others?

  2. Mireille, I have no clue...We are stranded in our house for 2 days, we are lucky we live quite high above the ground, so our house is not flooded apart from some water in the shop on the ground floor, but of course people who live in jungle or in low places are suffering a lot...

  3. Omg, this is something! It's good that people don't appear to be in panic, so I guess it's not the first time they see this level of flood...

    And also, they look like they actually handle this, one way or another (in contrast with some people in the developed world)... like practical people generally do. This is good.

    I guess the business and generally the social life is pretty much paused for now, right? They were wise who made provisions of food and so on, in advance. Good to hear you and your family are fine!
    Good luck and good weather!

  4. Everything is paused here now :-)