Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Places to go


As I mentioned today on the Facebook, we managed to get lost in Samui's jungle this afternoon, while looking for one resort  (which was unfortunately never found in the end :-))))) 
The road was so good, that we kept driving and driving, expecting to find the place we were looking for, but instead we found ourselves on the very top of a very high hill...

As a result we found a monkey picking up coconuts and also we found great additional route to our private Samui tours, with fantastic viewpoints, and beautiful nature around...So, I must admit I really enjoyed our "lost" trip today despite the fact that my business meeting was obviously cancelled and I still have to find that mystery hotel though :-)

So, here are a few pics of a glorious Samui's nature and jungle life, hope you like it too!


  1. I was for 2 months on Samui last June and July and we got lost one time as well, of course I don't know the island as well as you do, but the beautiful surroundings just make up for it. It is just breath taking!! And we came by a truck with monkeys once too and tried to follow it to see them working, see my link here, about our visit on Koh Samui: http://funkydoodledonkey.blogspot.com/2010/08/monkey-business.html

  2. Great writing, Mireille, I am glad you had a good time here! Hope you come again one day...

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