Sunday, 21 November 2010

Places to go

Seva Day in Art Cafe in Bophut

Today we had another special day at June's Art Cafe in Bophut...
I consider myself really lucky as I live in the same building and can go there anytime I like...Amazing place! She has anoher older branch in Nathon, but it's a bit too far from us, so we go next door :-) 
The food is the same in both branches. 

A day of sharing food, laughter and ideas at June's Art Cafe on the full moon every month from 10 am to 8 pm. Seva day is a day, when June's Cafe provides a delicious free buffet of healthy foods. This is a great day for meeting others who care about our island. 

Thanks to June and her staff for this lovely monthly Full Moon Seva Day, where people come together to share her delicious and healthy vegetarian food in exchange for a small donation towards a charity or green project.

where you can also download and see samples of her menu and prices...I highly recommend this place, we eat there all the time ourselves and it never lets us down...Very friendly, welcoming and generally very popular place with local ex-pats, it's a bit hard to find for people who don't know it or don't know Samui well,  so it's in Samui Town Center building between Bophut traffic light and Big C, on the main road, next door to music school. Come, try and enjoy!