Saturday, 20 November 2010

Places to go

Tesco Lotus-Home Pro shopping mall

Today we had another rainy day...I was really looking forward to do some outdoors activities today, but of course it didn't happen... So, as usual, we've ended up in Tesco Lotus.

I know it sounds funny for anyone from the UK - spending half day in Tesco, but here in Samui it is actually quite popular way of spending a rainy day, especially if you have kids...

So, we say - "let's go to Tesco", but in reality we are going to a few places which are situated inside the mall which starts at Tesco and finishes at Home Pro ( UK equivalent of B&Q and HomeBase).
So, it's a 3 minutes walk from one end to another, but for us it normally takes about 2 hours :-))))) Ridiculous, isn't it?

So, as soon as we walked in, our son did a runner and escaped from us to the kids playground, which he finds the most exciting place on this island :-))))))  40 minutes later, we managed to catch him and get out of there...
Of course you cannot compare this playground to the ones in Europe, States, or any other overcivilised place, but here in Samui we are quite thankful even for that, otherwise where would we go...
And local kids are still having fun there - they hardly know any other options...

So, here is is...a few shots from there...

After the playground which is an extremely busy and noisy place,  I urgently needed a cup of coffee to help me to get back to normal...So we went to Black Canyon Coffee shop.
The coffee itself there is not the best I've tried...far from the best I would say...But the superfriendly  girls who work there and know us quite well by now,  they take care of Jake (our son) so well , that we always want to come back. They love kids there, entertain them a bit when they have a free moment, and even give them free biscuits, so we can't complain :-)
Plus Black Canyon is a major meeting point, where we always meet at least 2 or 3 friends who are also having coffee there...We met three today - so the next 1,5 hour was spent there :-)
Here is how it looks like...


Finally, after we met everybody and discussed all local affairs :-), we managed to do some shopping in actual Tesco, which is a huge place itself and sells literally everything...Got my X-mas tree there the other day :-) Now I trying very hard not to think about Selfridges' Christmas shop in London, where I was a 1,5 month ago...Have to stick to Tesco's stuff, I guess :-)

So, other places in this mall where you can easily get lost and spend a good few hours of you day are:

1. Tesco Food Court - cheap but very tasty Thai food. 40-50THB for main course

Plus a few other places... 

MK restaurant - good inexpensive Asian food, which you sort of cook yourself - they put a saucepan with boiling soup in front of you and bring ingredients of your choice... Also Chinese duck is always popular dish...

Coffee World has free WI-FI for customers.

I highly recommend "Fuji" - Japanese restaurant with cheap prices but great food. 

Then some shopping...

Cinema ( they are showing Skyline and Harry Potter right now)...
also "Major Bowl" bowling next door.

And hairdressers, just in case... :-)

So, hopefully you got an idea what to expect here, it's a not bad place to spend a rainy day, and probably the best place to get all your shopping, eating and having fun  done under one roof...Come and check it out.


  1. Great post Elina, I have been following your blog with great interest over the past few months as we will visiting Thailand for the first time in 4 days time, congratulations for a superb blog and thanks for taking time to post invaluable info and great photos.

    Just a quick question though, where about on the island is Tesco located?


  2. Hi, we have 3 Tesco in Samui - I was writing about the one in Chaweng on the main ring road, near Thai International Hospital, then we have one in Lamai and another one ( a bit smaller) in Nathon.