Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Maitree's aka Mama Noodles Place...

Just wanted to share one of our Thai experiences...You can't really get more Thai than that :-) 
When you start eating in these kind of places, you know that next thing will be Indian tailors stopping offering you a suit  :-)
This place is in Maenam, Soi 4 ( Soi 4 is on the other side of the main road from the street which leads towards the main Maenam Village and old pier) . This noodles place is somewhere in a middle, before you get to the temple, on the left hand side. 
Small and very simple Thai cafe, in a morning it's full of local people, having breakfast there. 
We used to live on that street and go there very often. 3 years ago we have moved, but still visit mama Maitree from time to time...and she never disappoints!
The food may look a bit strange to the westerner, but it's so yummy... It's fish curry with noodles, plus lots of fresh veggies and egg if you want it. Plus unlimited water :-) It's not really spicy, maybe just a little, so I highly recommend to try it, hopefully you will like it as much as we do. 
We went there a few days ago, it was a bit quiet as we came quite late, around 11 am, but mama Maitree was still there, smiling and happy to see her old customers :-)

The price of this morning feast was 37 Baht per person, including egg :-))))))
Without egg, probably 30 Baht, but we always take eggs :-), so I am not sure...